Tuesday Tarot for 7 April 2015

Week from Tuesday 7 April 2015

The Empress

A doyen of wisdom, a rule of justice and a truly powerful woman reigns supreme over all that she surveys. Wisdom has come through hard earned experience and lots of hard work towards your goals. Abundance, intuition and the spiritual energy of the Divine Feminine are yours to keep.

People notice your power and you rule supreme in your world of work and family. You are the archetypal Earth Mother providing love and sustenance to those who come your way. You have a calm and peaceful aura radiating fertility on many levels….men love this and are attracted by your Venusian energy which may assist pregnancy if you want it.

Beauty and sensuality are aided by you spending time in nature. Meditate there to bring and share more love and abundance into your life on a physical level.

Card interpretation by Rose Smith

image of a beautiful empress sitting on throne

Author: Rose Smith