Tuesday Tarot for 5 May 2015

Week from Tuesday 5 May 2015

The Hierophant

This card represents family, patriarchy, tradition, culture, religious and educational organisations and the law. Although rebelliousness is sometimes necessary to effect change, we must always remember that those that don’t learn from the past are fated to relive it.

Go slow and sure as you are coming up against big energies that may try to maintain the status quo. Do not allow yourself to be dominated by others and do not try to dominate them either. The key is to understand the past and integrate that into your present circumstances so you can move forward into the future positively. Conformity and convention are key energies at the moment, so don’t rock the boat.

Work within a boundary or framework if you want change. Perhaps you can design your own ritual, system or project using traditional elements? This card can also indicate a helpful teacher or mentor.

Tarot card interpretation by Rose Smith.

image of a woman holding a candle sitting on books

Author: Rose Smith