Tuesday Tarot for 31 March 2015

Week from Tuesday 31 March 2015

10 of Pentacles

Lady with the Midas Touch…that is you! Money and abundance are coming your way! Congratulations to you for working hard, being clever and using your intuition! Success is yours so grab it with both hands and enjoy it fully.

You could relocate to a new house as real estate is indicated here. A promotion at work might be up for grabs, so go for it girl! Accomplishment is at the tips of your fingers so reach out now as your turn is coming. You hold the keys to success and celebration either for yourself or those close to you. You may hear of celebrations and happiness in your family. Enjoy the fruits of your labours as you have accomplished a great deal despite great challenges and setbacks.

This is the card of long term benefits so you may find finances gradually improving, work becoming more secure and/or your life becoming more secure.

Card interpretation by Rose Smith

beautiful woman with the 10 of pentacles

Author: Rose Smith