Tuesday Tarot for 28 April 2015

Week from Tuesday 28 April 2015

Page of Swords

You may need to become more serious about things and formulate plans in your mind about what you want to do in life. You will receive intuitions floating up into your mind’s eye which are good news in that you are getting confirmation of what you think.

It is time to share your feelings and ideas with others and get something going together. Ideas may come which are fun to play with, but soon you will need to do something physical to manifest them into reality. Although your ideas may be in a ‘juvenile’ stage of development, they will eventually grow into maturity and you will grow with them as a result.

This card can represent an idealistic and young person coming into your life, full of energy and vigour but little experience. So use some maturity in your dealings with them. It can also represent information and/or the Internet.

Tarot card prediction by Rose Smith.

image of woman in suit holding the page of swords

Author: Rose Smith