Tuesday Tarot for 24 March 2015

Week from Tuesday 24 March 2015

3 of Wands

3 fire energies in a tussle! Who will win? Who will lose? Something will die, something will live and something will hold the balance of power. Have you got a creative project or perhaps a relationship that you can’t make your mind up about? There are forces within you fighting it out. Be careful that this doesn’t spread out into your everyday life. You may end up caught in the middle of arguments between friends and/or relatives.

Passion is around and you may very well be the passionate one so now is a great time for planning and learning so you can bring your passion in to physical creation. Just bide your time and don’t leap before you consider all options.

Now is the time for demonstrating leadership by thinking about the future and having the foresight to explore greater possibilities. Plan for the future and all will be fine.

Card interpretation by Rose Smith

image of 3 women on 3 of wands tarot card

Author: Rose Smith