Tuesday Tarot for 24 February 2015

Week from Tuesday 24 February 2015

4 of Pentacles

You’ve been through a fair bit to get to where you are. Soon a small reward will come your way, it could be money or perhaps some other type of physical possession. Whatever it is, you will recognise it and put it to good use.

A black crow flies silently in the background indicating a bigger picture is at play here. Legal issues could also come up, but they may end up being a positive source of energy for you. You’ve worked hard and now is the time to appreciate the stability and security you have obtained for yourself. You can now afford to have some fun but don’t go too far.

Work and/or security is important so don’t go overboard and risk too much.

Tarot interpretation by Rose Smith

image of woman with the 4 pentacles tarot

Author: Rose Smith