Tuesday Tarot for 12 May 2015

Week from Tuesday 12 May 2015

7 of Cups

Now is the time to say a firm and definite NO to those who would hurt you. State your limits and stand up for yourself. A sacrifice is indicated here and it may bring down a train of thought you had been pursuing in the past. The riches you thought were coming, either physical or emotional are not worth the pain and suffering you have to endure to get what you want.

Let go of the fantasy and allow the transformation to happen. Healing and peace of mind are coming to you after you release the old patterns of the past. Be the alchemist and transform lead into gold within yourself, you know you are strong and brave enough to do it!

Rely upon and TRUST yourself that you will be fine when you give up the old illusions that hold you back. Good luck girl and go within to find what you need to move forward.

Tarot card prediction by Rose Smith.

image of beautiful witch surrounded by 5 cups

Author: Rose Smith