Tuesday Tarot from 3 May 2016

Week from Tuesday 3 May 2016

2 of Cups

image of two hands entwined around the 2 of cups

You have drawn this card because a merging of like-minded energies is taking place; whether this be a stronger footing for a friendship or the deepening of a casual romantic encounter.

Part of this strengthening connection contains an emotional and/or spiritual healing, and transformation will be the result. Lucky you!

You are better for having known this other person who will play a more significant role in your life in the future to come. A sacred blessing is being bestowed on both of you as you affect each other in positive ways.

Whether it lasts or not, only time will tell but this bond is important for your growth and development so go for it and the Universe will support you in your endeavours. Be grateful for whatever comes from this connection.

Tarot Card interpretation by Rose Smith.

Author: Rose Smith