Tuesday Tarot from 21 June 2016

Week from Tuesday 21 June 2016

Ace of Cups

image of a hand holding the ace of cups

A new dimension of magnetic magical love awaits you. You are a beautiful being, your angelic grace is sparkling and overflowing with love.

Your heart and soul have worked hard spiritually to radiate out a glow of loving energy, bringing forward to you the soul who will embrace its rewards of ecstasy.

There is a god and goddess for every soul. Your soul mate is destined to be with you

Within the depth of your heart, you have everything magically needed to manifest this powerful, passionate and unconditional love forward to you.

Be greater than you appear to be. You deserve all the nurturing and protection from your soul partner, family members and friends.

You are a person who is and always be valued and will be loved beyond measures.

Tarot Card interpretation by Psychic Maria.

Author: Maria