Tarot Reading Live Stream from 23rd April 2019

Week from Tuesday 23rd April 2019

3 Card Spread of Past, Present and Future

If you have been relying on your inner strength more recently to deal with difficult situations… then this is for you. Read the interpretation or watch the video below.

Free Tarot Reading Live Stream predictions by Rose from 23rd April 2019

Strength – The Past

This card suggests you’re finding strength within yourself. It’s in the recent past and you have probably been through a challenging situation in order to find the strength that you needed to cope. A woman emerges from the lion’s mouth… she’s alive and getting out of problems can take some time. You should have a realisation about what to do with your situation.

Temperance – The Present

It’s all about being balanced, finding the middle ground and walking the middle path. Being temperant in your emotions, actions and thoughts. Finding moderation and self-restraint. Often there are 2 different sides to the story but it’s important to listen to all viewpoints, especially in yourself. You can find yourself conflicted within yourself about what you should do in a certain situation. When listening to subconscious energies, balance them up but let all energies vent within yourself. What you don’t listen to in yourself will come back and cause havoc. Always be self-reflective and weigh everything up.

King of Cups – The Future

All about emotions. Being in control of your emotions, ruling fairly over what you survey and not going to extremes. A benevolent energy like an authority figure who helps you, particularly to express yourself. Generosity, love, good feelings and happiness with it too.

Psychological Cards – General Energies

An arrow – means on target. I see a red bullseye meaning on target and moving towards what you desire. Could refer to Sagittarians because of the arrow. It’s time for you to really step forward and achieve your goals.

From the week commencing 23rd… in the future a silver spoon for some.

I drew the Ugly card which means an ugly situation rather than a person. An ugly situation in your life with the graph card which is a ruler with a graph. So weighing up an ugly situation. Sort it out in your mind. It’s about planning and goals. Appropriately dealing with something unpleasant. Could be a family situation. Arguments with family about a will, inheritance and/or money. Family members squabbling about money. But you can deal with it! These cards here work in with the previous cards… might be the same situation?

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Author: Rose Smith