Pick a Card Weekly Tarot Predictions from 6th August 2019

Week from Tuesday 6th August 2019

5 Card Spread of Energies for the Week

Generally for everyone, Rose sees there’s more vitality, wellbeing and new ideas. If you pay attention, you’ll probably notice a sense of newness. What about the energies around you? Pick a card 1 – 5, the first number that comes to your mind, and read Rose’s interpretations for you this week.

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No 1. Card – 9 of Cups

Indicates completion of an emotional cycle. We’re not quite to the stage of starting something new yet. The last few weeks you could have had a ‘rock n roll’ type of time with your emotions. Fantasies, delusions, things that you thought would work that didn’t quite pan out.

The good news is now you’re becoming aware and it’s almost over. See the Genie there, you can make a wish this week. Time to wish and hope and dream of new things to come. “Your wish is my command” the Genie says. You need to have the proper thoughts and emotions about your wishes. Well done you because something new is about to start.

No 2. Card – The Empress

An extremely well organised feminine energy that achieves what she wants to achieve in life. There’s a spiritual component to this, being in balance, it’s a bit like the Temperance card. She rules over all that she surveys e.g. the household and family. A sign of Motherhood and nurturance. It suggests a happy and wonderful week this week.

In Spirit, I see a space station which suggests the spiritual domain. Spirit is always the first energy to manifest and then the energy works its way down through the mental, emotional and finally the physical realms. You can achieve some physical things this week. Over the next few weeks, things can be more and more successful physically.

No 3. Card – 8 of Pentacles

This card indicates success around money or something physical made from your own hands. It’s great if you have a small business or if you are creative, perhaps with your hands. This indicates achievement and success. Also, it has a spiritual element to the work you do. 8 is about power and money and its correct use. There’s no greed, only fair payment for what you do. You could be working with your hands or your minds. If you’re not doing paid work, it could be something you do regularly, volunteer work or looking after children. You could be doing something around the house.

Closing my eyes, I can see some of you may have felt that you’ve been in chains. They are dropping off this week. There’s a definite change this week, could be around the weather. If you’re in the northern hemisphere, you’re going into autumn and in the southern hemisphere there are signs of an early spring. It’s a time of preparation and getting ready so be organised this week.

No 4. Card – Justice

Indicates natural justice and lore (not law). She has a sword for analysing and dissecting. Really looking at something and studying it to find the truth. She has a set of scales in the other hand for ‘weighing things up’. She is blindfolded so has to go with what’s directly in front of her, she doesn’t have all the logical facts.

There is an owl on her shoulder lending her wisdom and intuition. Even though there are logical facts, the energy of wisdom and intuition helps her with natural justice. This is not about man made justice although if you do have anything legal happening, this is a great card because it indicates that Spirit is behind you. You could get a good result with this energy. Great for signing agreements and things like that.

In Spirit, I see a lion’s head, but this Justice is holding the lion’s head in her hand, she has been in battle with a lion and has won. If you’re in some sort of dispute with something, you could win on some point this week.

No 5. Card – Ace of Cups

This card is a lovely energy. You can see a crown, a holy grail and water flowing. Water is the force of life so you could be feeling better. It’s a great time to start new things such as a relationship, a new project or something new at work. It’s a lovely card you’ll be feeling more content than in the past.

In Spirit, I see a lot of fluttering wings, the angels are nearby, but they might not be in your direct line of sight. You could be aware that there’s some help from above if you’ve picked card no. 5. Take the big view and don’t get caught up in details. There’s a sense of freedom, also letting your thoughts take flight. You can afford to let go and just let whatever comes into your mind, be there. No judgement now, you can do that later if you want to analyse things. Allow some time for things to come up and you can think about them later. Just enjoy contentment, wellbeing and peace. It’s a beneficial energy if you’re starting something new.

For everyone now I can see in Spirit, the Holy Grail in my face. There’s more vitality, wellbeing and new ideas. If you pay attention, you’ll probably notice the sense of newness, something is changing around you. A new cycle is about to start in the next few weeks along with the new season.

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Author: Rose Smith