Pick a Card Weekly Tarot Predictions from 3rd June 2019

Week from Monday 3rd June 2019

5 Card Spread of Energies for the Week

Inspiration and creativity are some of the themes that are indicated by the cards this week. Pick a card 1 – 5, and read your interpretation from the cards drawn by Rose, or watch the video below.

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No 1. Card – Page of Wands

This card indicates fiery inspiration coming out of your subconscious. There are messages coming up for you about what you’re supposed to be doing. There are new starts and good news this week. A feeling of accomplishment and a feeling of success. If you listen to this fiery motivational energy deep inside your heart, you’ll be able to get things done. That’s great!

No 2. Card – 6 of Pentacles

If you picked no.2, this is wonderful news if you’ve been in a tight spot financially recently. It’s to do with the physical world and things that you may have missed out on will turn around. Things that could physically improve your life like getting some bargains, you could win some money, you could find money or money comes to you unexpectedly this week. It’s probably not a huge amount but you could find financial stress is not as bad this week. It’s also the time to engage in crafts, gardening, knitting, sewing, making soap particularly if you’re in Australia.

Staying at home more accomplishing things. Running the home and making beautiful things. Online you could be involved in promotion and marketing. It’s a great time for creative work especially if you have a small business. Do stuff with your hands and make it physical and real. Well done! I see some of you descending in an escalator in Spirit. The meaningful stuff, your purpose in life, your mission in life will become more clear to you this week.

No 3. Card – 9 of Swords

This card indicates the end or completion of a difficult time. It was stressful and you could be feeling disappointed and even betrayed. You could have been feeling like you’d been stabbed in the back but fortunately it’s almost over. You could be cleaning stuff up in yourself rather than having it physically still going on.

See the sad lass there holding onto the colour purple to give her support. Purple is the colour of spirit and royalty. Although this situation has been difficult for you, this card is a little sign that spiritually you have grown and learnt a lot. It’s not terrible, because there’s a silver lining. Even with the most shocking things, there is some good, even if it’s just insight. Ask for the silver lining to be shown to you.

I have a sense of the ocean, the military, the navy, exploration and adventure. This is about broadening your horizons and your outlook in life.

No 4. Card – 4 of Wands

This card is about putting your fiery inspiration into practise. See how this woman has a frame around her, it’s a window of opportunity. It’s time and if you’ve been feeling like this for a while, it’s time to plan out what you’ll do. It’s wands, so it’s still in the fiery motivational stage. You might want to light a fire and do a ritual about what you want to do. Get in touch with the motivation to do your project, put those basic blocks in first so you’ll start off on the right foot.

No 5. Card – 8 of Pentacles

This is about craftsmanship and building something physically. Making something physical. Particularly, if you’re in Australia because it’s winter time, make things using your hands. There’s a certain spirituality to craftsmanship. It might be on your family tree. It’s a great week to make clothes, soap, jewellery, silversmithing or do some gardening. Whatever it is that you do for creativity, you could make some extra money this week from your efforts.

I see money coming in for what you’ve done with your hands. For every number 1-5, I see a reduction in financial stress, some of you will have a handful of money for good work done. Some money is going out but some of you at least have a pile of $$$, not huge amounts, you probably won’t win lotto. But it will be enough to put a smile on your dial.

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Author: Rose Smith