Pick a Card Weekly Tarot Predictions from 30th September 2019

Week from Monday 30th September 2019

5 Card Spread of Energies for the Week

In spirit, Rose sees a flight of steps. These are action steps for everyone, take some steps and achieve things this week. Next thing Rose sees is something about the “old woman who lived in a shoe”, that old nursery rhyme, a big shoe or boot. Rose is getting something about memory, nostalgia and looking back on the past.

Pick a number 1 – 5, and watch the video from Rose her interpretations of the energies around you this week.

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No 1. Card – King of Wands

Even if you’re a woman, you have male energy within. This is about getting in touch with the inspirational divine male energy within. He’s wearing green for growth, opportunity (or even money), red for action and yellow for the solar plexus and power. The solar plexus is the ‘seat’ for your intuition.

This is the ‘gut’ level response, picking things up psychically with your body. This week it will be important to be in touch with your gut to make the most of opportunities. There could be growth in finances this week. See the red cloak for action on your heart’s desires. See these sunflowers, they imply insight, awareness & happiness. There’s a sense of achievement and he’s grounded in practicality and the King is seated on a wooden throne implying more groundedness.

There’s an iguana or maybe an Australian eastern water dragon or maybe a frilled neck lizard, this is dragon energy in the base of the spine. This kundalini energy is very fiery and inspirational. There are great achievements to be had this week.

No 2. Card – 6 of Wands

There’s an element of theatre in this and you can see green and blue with dark indigo in the dress. There are opportunities for growth, possibly money… energy in the throat and heart chakras. Expressing yourself this week, perhaps publishing, making a video but somehow getting your message out into the world.

Bringing together your heart’s desire and expressing them into the outside world. She’s won an award, so she’s pretty good at getting her message across. This is particularly relevant in relationships and speaking out about your desires. 6’s are to do with abundance, relationships, happiness, pride (not hubris) in what you’ve achieved. When I close my eyes, I’m walking down a tunnel and then I come out into a beautiful garden with light with flowers. I can smell the beautiful floral scents and there’s a sense of peace and happiness. Well! done you if you’ve picked no. 2.

When I close my eyes, I’ve got action, activity, energy, vitality and a change of direction if you’ve picked no. 3.

No 3. Card – 2 of Cups

This card is about coming to terms with another energy. It’s great if you’re in a relationship! If you’re not in a relationship, it’s about yourself. It’s a sense of healing and unification. The angels are blessing this union.

Find the energy within and come to terms with it. It’s about healing and transformation. In the old days, handfasting happened where 2 people would come together either permanently or for a year to see how they get on together. You can see in the glasses the faces of the couple in the glasses. They are a reflection of each other. For example, if you’re having an argument about something, the partner is reflecting something within you. There’s a reflection of each other’s subconscious.

In Spirit, your partner has agreed to show you something about yourself. As you assimilate this energy you will have more power and control and you can bring this energy out when you need it. This is a beautiful card of unification and this week will be an insightful time for you. If you’re starting a new relationship, you could find it’s going to a new level.

In Spirit, I see a book. This could be your ‘Book of Life’ or it represents studying, learning and knowledge if you’ve picked no. 4.

No 4. Card – Page of Pentacles

Is related to the physical world. Good news coming to you. She’s wearing red so action will need to be taken. It could be to do with money but there’s still a lot hidden. However, this week insight comes, see she’s wearing black and then there’s white around her head.

So, her thoughts are more insightful about something that has been covered up or hidden on the physical level. It could also be to do with your physical body and there’s the possibility of improvement here. There’s some lucky break and this card could also relate to your health so there may be some sort of improvement in vitality.

I see in Spirit, doors opening and they’re saying… “doors close before doors open”. I see a lot of triangles around this which is about your chakras opening up and energy flowing if you’ve picked no. 5. Getting more vitality and wellbeing.

No 5. Card – 9 of Cups

Beautiful cards this week. Your wishes can be granted this week. Your deepest heart’s desires can come into fruition. You’ve been through a long cycle and now you’re at the end of the cycle. The Genie is out of the bottle and the situation is in your hands, you can have a reward this week.

You can achieve on the physical level what you’ve been hoping for, for a long time. The ocean is in the background here and she’s wearing red for action. If you’ve been looking at timing, if you haven’t been sure when to do something, this week would be a good time.

General Energies

For everyone, in spirit, I see a flight of steps which are easy to interpret. These are action steps for everyone, take some steps and achieve things this week. Now next thing I see is something about the “old woman who lived in a shoe”, that old nursery rhyme. I see a big shoe/boot. I’m getting something about memory, nostalgia and looking back on the past.

Don’t get stuck back there. We all need to adapt to what’s going on. Humans don’t like change because it takes a lot of energy to change neuronal networks and pathways in the brain.  It requires effort and energy.

The brain needs a lot of energy to change it’s architecture. Be aware this week, if you come across angry people anywhere, they’re under pressure because they have to change. They’re having difficulty keeping up with change. People need to be flexible with what’s happening in the world.

Some really great vibes this week so have a great week 🙂

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Author: Rose Smith