Pick a Card Weekly Tarot Predictions from 30th April 2019

Week from Tuesday 30th April 2019

5 Card Spread of Energies for the Week

This week Rose asks you to focus on a number between 1 and 5. What number did you pick? Read your interpretation or watch the video below.

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No 1. Card – 2 Swords

Reflections go out into the Universe of the situation around you. They are harmonics like stones being thrown onto a pond. Could be to do with another person being involved. I can point you into a direction but go into yourself and confirm. I see in Spirit a tunnel and I’m walking through it. There are 2 doors, on the left and right and you must choose over the next week. A new direction will come in life for you and you have to make a decision. It could be a friend, lover or job.

No 2. Card – Knight of Cups

A young man who is out on some sort of adventure. He is sitting on an animal which is an amalgam of other animals, the crab (a Cancerian may be involved) and something weird going on with the head. He is in control of his animal instincts, they’re not running him – he is running them. He is riding the situation. Cups are all about emotions and he’s in control of them. But he’s young and he doesn’t have a lot of experience, hindsight or knowledge. Especially in women, this is a part of us. I’m especially talking to women now, we have that masculine energy within and we need to get in touch with it. As we get older, we have to come to terms with the Divine masculine within. A lot of women post 40 would have a knight of cups type energy of the younger man. That’s why there’s so many cougars around because being a cougar is helping you get in touch with younger masculine energy. This card represents being in control of your emotions and being out on the adventure of life.

No 3. Card – 6 of Cups

See all those cups on the ground, they’re on the ground because this woman is earthed. She’s practical and grounded and she knows exactly what she’s doing. This woman is not up in the air and gone all airy fairy and travelled to La La land. I mean she doesn’t live in Los Angeles, Americans will probably get this, Australians may not? This is contentment and her knowing what she really wants. It looks like she has a small ball in her lap and a teddy bear. It’s about fun and enjoying life. There’s a swing, go with the flow and let your emotions out. Express yourself, be authentic and real. If you have No. 3 well done, you should have a nice week.

No 4. Card – The Magician

This woman is so in control of herself, she can actually levitate! Amazing! This is very good! The Magician card – I see in Spirit, mechanical things, being in control, being able to fix and resolve things. Making magic so you can get what you want in life. Turning a bad situation or something that is broken into something that now works for you. Manifest your heart’s desires this week. She’s so clever. There’s a pentagram at the bottom and at the top – the infinity sign. Calling on the magic. Tapping into the Universe and really feeling what’s going on. Being able to levitate yourself to a higher plane of consciousness through the Magician Card, a major arcana.

No 5. Card – 9 of Swords

I’m sorry if you’re in pain this week. This is about the end of a situation, something finishing. Could be a relationship causing great pain. Ask yourself if you picked No. 5 this week, “what do I need to let go of”? “What idea or person do I need to release so I can be free”? You can acknowledge, feel it, grief, forgive and move on so that you’re not stuck. I’m sorry if you’re in pain, it’s a part of life unfortunately, I wish it wasn’t. It is however.

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Author: Rose Smith