Pick a Card Weekly Tarot Predictions from 2nd September 2019

Week from Monday 2nd September 2019

5 Card Spread of Energies for the Week

Some of you have been through a difficult time. Psychically, Rose sees rainbows, so the storm is over, and a great healing is taking place. Rose also sees an Archangel with the huge wings. Archangels do the heavy lifting in tough times and have been helping you behind the scenes. Pick a card 1 – 5 and then watch the video from Rose explaining the energies around you this week.

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No 1. Card – 4 of Wands

For card no. 1 the word I get psychically is “Protection”. Some of you have been through a difficult period with tears. But I also see rainbows, so the storm is over and a great healing is taking place. I also see huge waves in the Atlantic Ocean which says to me that it’s been turbulent, there’s a tsunami of feelings coming up but the storm is over.

Now I’m in a tunnel with a light at the end of the tunnel. I see an Archangel with the huge wings rather than just the normal everyday angels. Archangels do the heavy lifting in tough times and have been helping you behind the scenes.

You may have had a creative project but it’s been full of obstacles and hiccups. Don’t give up, keep working. There could be some fatherhood issues coming up. You’ll see the frame or window here of opportunity. Timing is really important if you’ve picked no. 1. There’s also the colour aqua which is a new chakra coming into humanity now. This is between the heart and the throat. These days it’s important to have your speech connected to your heart. It’s a creative time of happiness and insight. Harvest time is coming for you, keep working towards your goals, you’re on the right track. 4’s in numerology are about steady progress. Your heart’s desires will fuel your success. I’ve still got those ocean waves in Spirit but they’re really calming down.

I see in Spirit an old looking door with chains. Something you’ve been chained to. You could be feeling jaded about a situation. I can see an old wooden bucket and you need to be fed and watered spiritually. You’re not getting what you need spiritually. You really need to go where you’re going to be spiritually nurtured.

No 2. Card – The World

This card indicates that you can Spiritually achieve whatever you set your heart on this week. This lass is adorned with a precious gold fabric. She’s not interested in labels she represents something wholesome. She’s holding a staff which represents royalty. She also has one foot on the ground and one foot in spirit. This is about bringing Spirit down to Earth and being practical. This is telling you that that the world is your oyster. There’s a lot of opportunity for you this week. If you’ve had a difficult time, it’s nearly time to take action. Bring it down to Earth this week. You can really achieve.

For Australians only as I can see wombats and other marsupials. Do be in touch with the Earth (because wombats have 4 feet on the Earth). Bless the wombats. There’s change around you, particularly around finances. I see a lot of change here, lots of coins. It’s an unexpected win of some kind this week if you’ve picked card 3. I see a poker machine so it could mean actual money or an unexpected win of some kind.

No 3. Card – 3 of Cups

Indicates a time of teamwork. Working with others to get things done. At work you can achieve a lot. There are however some subconscious things going on, see how these 3 lasses are coming out of the fish’s mouth. Sometimes 3’s don’t flow so smoothly, like a 3 legged race. Cups are about emotions, so don’t get caught up in the emotion. If you’re at work be pleasant and get the job done. If you’re out celebrating, just be aware that you could feel left out in some way.

Don’t waste your emotions or get overly involved emotionally as you may not see the picture 100% correctly as you could be influenced by the subconscious complexes as indicated by the fish at the bottom of this card.

For card no. 4, I see in Spirit the Earth cracking open. It’s like an ‘eruption’… this could be something to do with your physical body. I see a volcano going right off with red lava coming down the side. There could be problems with acne or problems with anger. Do be careful about what comes out of your mouth. Please don’t try to repress it, just express your anger in an appropriate way. Write and journal whatever you’re angry about.

No 4. Card – 5 of Wands

This card indicates anger, conflict and disagreements. Wands are fiery and inspirational energies so if you feel angry, please express it properly. You could use this anger to fuel your creativity. Be creative and inspired to do something about your situation. There could be problems physically e.g. acne. She has flames coming out of her fingers so could be feeling very motivated to get the situation rectified. Do something about it! 5’s are about creativity but sometimes disappointment. Listen to the flames within and they’ll point you in the right direction.

In Spirit I’m seeing a gold key… it’s a key to success. You have the key to success. Maybe you’ve been in a situation where you can’t figure out what to do, if in doubt do nothing! But the timing is coming soon where you can figure it out. I also see some ancient ships on the sea. This could be from a past life or something inherited. You have the ability to travel or take flights of fancy in your mind. Think about alternative ways to do things and take flights of fancy in your mind.

No 5. Card – 4 of Swords

This card could indicate that it’s time to have time out from the world. It’s time to rest, especially with regards to your thoughts and especially if you’re an air sign i.e. Gemini, Libra or Aquarius and overthink things. Learn to turn your brain off. Take it easy and get some rest. There could be some subconscious things coming up. There’s a raven and a clock here on the card. Have you been working really hard or overthinking things again? You need time out if you have.

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Author: Rose Smith