Pick a Card Weekly Tarot Predictions from 29th July 2019

Week from Monday 29th July 2019

5 Card Spread of Energies for the Week

In Spirit, Rose sees steps going up into the heavens. There’s definitely a greater desire for people to develop themselves more spiritually… that’s fantastic! There’s no end point, it’s a life-long journey. What are the energies for you this week? Pick a card 1 – 5 and watch the video.

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No 1. Card – The World

This card indicates anything you may choose is well blessed this week. The World is your oyster! She has one foot on the Earth and the rest of her is in space or Spirit. She is grounded and spiritual at the same time so she can manifest what she wants. She has an owl nearby blessing her with wisdom and intuition. There’s also an angel holding up the gold fabric she is dressed in. In Spirit, you earn the right to be dressed in gold and precious stones. Often, you’ve had to work hard or go through a lot to be dressed in gold and jewels, if you’re clairvoyant you may have seen this in Spirit. You’ll be gifted with spiritual rewards, including your natural innate abilities e.g. psychic abilities, art and music. But you’ll also be blessed on the physical level as well. Well done if you’ve picked card 1!

I see in Spirit, the pressure of living, working and whatever you do in your everyday life could be pulling you away from Spirit. Don’t allow everyday life to interfere with your Spiritual development. Don’t let Earthly matters drag you away from Spiritual realities. In Spirit everything is possible for you this week, hold onto this thought. What can happen is that although the Spiritual energy is good, it may take a bit of time to filter down to physicality. Just hold to the thought that you’ve done a lot of spiritual work and the world is your oyster.

When I close my eyes, there’s some sort of drama going on externally, but we can observe and we don’t need to be part of the drama. We observe and not take part of the drama. Do your own thing!

No 2. Card – Ace of Pentacles

When I close my eyes, there’s some sort of drama going on externally, but we can observe and we don’t need to be part of the drama. We observe and not take part of the drama. Do your own thing! The Ace of Pentacles indicates new beginnings of all sorts but particularly anything on the physical or financial level. If you want to start a new business, physically meet new people, it’s all about physicality. A great week for making money, new ideas and getting something going. It’s the start of a new cycle.

In Spirit, I’m getting the vibe of pregnancy and having a baby. It’s a great week for conception, this is not normally the card indicating pregnancy, but I always go with what I get Spiritually, rather than just my brain. Ideally, I like to get both sides of my brain activated and working together. If you don’t wish to be pregnant, you need to be proactive but not being pregnant.

I can see all these gears in motion, I’m looking at a steampunk type scenario, the industrial age, the mechanical things turning around. This is fine, you can get stuff done. The only danger is that you could do some things in a robotic manner, in a rote fashion when your heart’s just not in it. Now I’m seeing something weird, someone is having their legs changed! Obviously, it could mean some kind of accident, or loss of the use of their legs but symbolically, it means you haven’t been able to move forward as fast as you would like. Now that’s backed up because now I can see a car and changing direction, pulling over the left. Rather than being ‘right’ all the time, we want to go to the left and do things in a more creative manner.

No 3. Card – Ace of Swords

This card indicates new starts but more on the mental level. You could be writing, communicating, with the sword there, it’s about dissecting and analysing. Using your brain and thinking about whatever new start it is that is coming into your life. This could be a new business or relationship that you’re thinking about.

Maybe it hasn’t happened on the physical level. You may have been on your own and now you’re thinking about getting involved in a new relationship. It’s all about planning now and taking action steps later.

No 4. Card – 5 of Pentacles

When I tune in to the energies of the next card, it feels like money and I’m seeing gold pentacles. The words are “all good things come to those who wait”. There’s been some sort of recent loss. I often think of 5 of Pentacles, even though this is on the physical level, I feel the loss. It could be a loss of money, so you need to be really careful this week. Start thinking about your budget and how you spend your money. The good thing is it brings you awareness to your finances, so don’t go hell for leather spending this week.

It could be loss in another area e.g. relationships but mostly it’s on the physical level. She has her hand out, it’s like begging. If you notice ‘scarcity mentality or that poor me mentality’, it’s time to change your thoughts. You can actually do something about this, money could be involved but you can still concentrate on the good things. This should be your focus, there are ways to improve your situation. There’s also some good things to be grateful for. Make plans, strategise then take action steps to be free, it will take some time, but you still have the power to respond in your own way.

I see in Spirit, a girl on a swing enjoying her life. Swinging back and forth, maybe she can’t make up her mind? A feeling of abundance and happiness.

No 5. Card – 3 of Cups

If you picked no. 5 this card is all about socialising, celebrating, teamwork and playing the game getting on with other people. It’s generally a happy card. However, the swinging could be to do with one of the three girls feeling left out in some way. It could be 3 friends, or at work, look for areas where there’s 3 people, one might not fit in with the other two as three’s a crowd! But by all means, go out and have a fun time. Take appropriate action if you feel left out. However, it’s generally about teamwork, compromise, getting on together and creativity.

Finally for everyone, in Spirit I see steps going up into the heavens. Take action steps, to develop your spirituality. Develop your spiritual gifts including psychic ability, creativity, do some meditation and get into your own spirituality. You may be spending more time with psychic readings, runes, tarot, astrology or whatever divination method you’re interested in. There’s definitely a development and desire to develop yourself spiritually, that’s fantastic. There’s no end point, it’s a life-long journey. I’m actually working on a meditation video at the moment, so keep a watch for that. It’s about life hacks and tips and tricks for success. I can see a power point and a plug in the power point. If there is power… you want to turn the switch on.

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Author: Rose Smith