Pick a Card Weekly Tarot Predictions from 26th August 2019

Week from Monday 26th August 2019

5 Card Spread of Energies for the Week

The psychic tarot cards suggest there is a lot of movement this week and the tarot is showing you the way to do that. Pick a number 1 – 5 and watch the video or read Rose’s psychic tarot interpretation for you below. Enjoy!

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No 1. Card – 2 of Wands

This card represents a fiery inspirational energy which is great if you want to make your inspirations physical. This lass has actually embedded herself into the rocks and there’s a little bit of a danger here in that you could get ‘stuck in the mud’. There’s a dichotomy here in that we have a balloon up in Spirit and she’s down in the Earth.

We all need to have some inspiration from Spirit so a little bit of ‘flights of fantasy’ is a good thing, and a little bit of this ‘grounded in physical reality’ is also a good thing. It all needs to be run through the middle of the heart. 2’s can be about relationships or even money. She’s wearing red for taking action. If you’ve picked no. 1 this week you may look at your relationships or finances and make some changes so things are better balanced.

There’s a lot of green around, it’s usually opportunities or sometimes associated with money. New things coming into your life.

No 2. Card – Justice

This card is all about natural lore, not necessarily human law. But if you do have some legal things happening this week, this is a good card to have because sometimes law is affected by natural lore. You see this lass here she is blindfolded because she doesn’t have all of the evidence directed in front of her. She must listen to the owl on her shoulder giving her intuition and wisdom. She has a set of scales because she has to weigh up all of the factors blindfolded.

She is also holding a sword because she needs to analyse, dissect and classify information using her brain, to make a decision. She cuts out the irrelevant things and weighs it all up. She’s wearing red because she intends to take action with her feet on the ground. If you have any contracts or legal matters this week, this energy could help. There could be money involved and if you’re using lawyers, they’re very expensive. The Universe keeps count of everything. You will learn and grow as a result of natural justice this week.

There’s movement, you’re either walking or riding a push bike for the next card. Spiritually I see you are making slow and steady progress.

No 3. Card – 3 of Cups

Indicates teamwork. We need to work with others to accomplish things. These 3 lasses are partying and really enjoying themselves. But one of them is tipping the cup… is this a waste? This is about emotions. You’ll need to use discernment. You’ll see they’re in the fish’s mouth indicating there’s subconscious stuff coming up this week. The fish is a very potent archetypal symbol of the unconscious. These 3 are either working together or partying together.

Sometimes, you can get ahead together but there might be ‘glitches’. One person may feel left out and it’s kind of like a 3-legged race. You may not be aware of everything going on behind the scenes with the other 2. Don’t get too emotionally involved and become aware of what part you play in this.

Spiritually, I see an octopus for either card numbers 3 or 4. Just be aware an octopus can suck onto you. If you feel drained, that’s the test, you know you need to avoid that person as much as you can. Especially, if you’re working with them, be civil but give them a wide berth. I see a Book of Life indicating this is a life lesson – learn to discern when someone is draining you.

No 4. Card – The Moon

The Moon card suggests there’s a lot of subconscious stuff coming up this week to be cleared. There’s hidden treasure down there in the subconscious with a whole lot of energy and vitality. Don’t be afraid or nervous to meditate or go down into your subconscious to find things. The authentic self is down there and we can release all of the ‘programming’ that we all get all the time. Even on YouTube, Facebook or wherever, there’s other people’s views subtly programming us. It’s up to you to decide what to accept or not.

The Moon causes all this stuff to come up. You can see that wolf superimposed on this lass’s face, so this is about learning and teaching. She goes down deep inside and learns about her own subconscious language. Quite frequently our dreams and visions are symbolic. You can go on at a later stage and teach others what you’ve learnt. Do be aware of those octopi who suck energy.

I’ve got brilliant sunshine and rays in Spirit indicating awareness and insight. If you’re in the southern hemisphere, we’re still in winter so do be aware that we need vitamin D. 50% of the Australian and New Zealand population doesn’t have enough vitamin D, so do get that checked if you’re not feeling well. Get outside and get 20 minutes of sunshine daily. Sit in sun and be still to gain awareness and insight.

No 5. Card – 8 of Wands

the broom so this may also indicate travel. She’s getting ahead and wands are about that fiery inspirational energy. You’re likely to carry things out this week and make lots of progress towards your goals. Could also indicate money, see it’s no. 8 about money and power. See the moon above, you may not necessarily know what the end result will be, but it’s important to go with the feeling and see what pans out.

When I close my eyes in Spirit, I can see the moon dripping down onto this lass. Feelings or issues might be a little difficult to handle but you will get through. I feel good news around this as well. Could be about money or power in some way.

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Author: Rose Smith