Pick a Card Weekly Tarot Predictions from 20th May 2019

Week from Monday 20th May 2019

5 Card Spread of Energies for the Week

What vibes surround you this week? Focus on a number between 1 and 5 and Rose shares her psychic interpretation for you. What number did you pick? Read your interpretation from the cards drawn or watch the video below.

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No 1. Card – 10 of Swords

Being stabbed in the back, being torn, try to rise above being stabbed in the back. I know it hurts at the time however I do believe there’s a reason for everything, even though we don’t understand at the time. When you put yourself out in the world, a minority of people don’t like it so some people might stab you in the back. If you focus and look back asking “what can I learn from that situation, where’s the positivity, how do I find the silver lining?” You will find something that can help you. It’s also about releasing things lodged in your body at a physical level, illness does that too.

The 10 of Swords indicates a difficult situation where you’ve come to the end and you may have been wounded. There could have been unkind things said to you, part of the ego dies when people attack, especially online. Those attacking, it shows more about them than it says about you. At the core of your being nobody can hurt you. Find the positive. I’ve also got the vibe of travel for some of you, broadening horizons, foreign connections, planning a trip.

No 2. Card – Page of Pentacles

Finances may be an issue. There may be news about finances. Pentacles are a very earthly grounded type of symbol. If you’ve got no. 2 in your mind there could be news about physical things, money and I still have the vibe of travel, short and long trips. When I close my eyes, I get the vibe of travel. Look for messages so you can understand which direction to take. When I close my eyes, I see a road so take the road less travelled, look for clues about which direction to take.

Psychically, it’s like hard work when I close my eyes. This means doing the hard yards in your work or even in relationships.

No 3. Card – Ace of Swords

Means new beginnings and these swords represent a mental energy i.e. strategising and thinking. This is great for business and it’s great for marketing, promotions, great ideas coming through. It’s about planning things out, planning a strategy, could even be a new relationship or a business relationship. A lot of thinking about it rather than doing it.

I see a garage door opening in Spirit, getting prepared to take a new direction, go on a trip, particularly doing local errands.

No 4. Card – The World

This card has a great and wonderful vibe. The world is your oyster! There’s so much opportunity. If you’re a Libran you might have some difficulty deciding what opportunity to take, there’s just so much you could accomplish. You can pick and choose what you want to do this week. Really sit down and plan exactly what you want to do. See how this woman on the card is standing on the world, her body is out in space but she is standing on the Earth, grounded in practical reality. It’s not just being inspired, it’s not just Spiritual, it’s everything. Dreams can be manifested this week, you can really get stuff done. This is a beautiful energy to get some achievements done this week. Well done you if you’ve picked no. 4.

In Spirit, I see the scales of justice, so you have to weigh everything up because you can’t see all the variables. There could be a legal or justice vibe around you this week if you’ve picked no. 5. Also the Statue of Liberty if you’re in the US.

No 5. Card – 2 of Swords

The lady with 2 swords and 2 reflections in the background. Swords are a mental energy for dissecting and analysing. See those reflections at the back, it’s not the actual situation but a reflection. Like something from the past has come back again. Swords indicate the ability to cut through to the truth. The reflections are like a harmonic, when you throw a stone out on a pond, the ripples are reflections, they are not the original reality.

You might be feeling very hurt about something, but you need to cut through to the truth. Use your brain this week, think about it and plan and strategise for the future.

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Author: Rose Smith