Pick a Card Weekly Tarot Predictions from 1st July 2019

Week from Monday 1st July 2019

5 Card Spread of Energies for the Week

The cards drawn this week are all about a big focus on mental energy to manifest what you want. Keep working at it! Your thoughts could lead you to the freedom you desire. Pick a card 1 – 5 and read your interpretation from the cards drawn by Rose, or watch the video below.

No 1. Card – The World

What a great card if you chose this week! You can have your desires made physical. Your world is your oyster!

It’s a beautiful card, a woman wrapped in gold with one foot on the Earth. Means she is grounded in practical reality. It’s not an airy-fairy week, this is all about being grounded and bringing spiritual, emotional and mental energy all to the physical plane. You can achieve this week and get things done.

Energy from your Spirit runs through your head, heart and hands to get things done. You’ll see she has an angel holding up the gold fabric she’s dressed in and there’s an eagle on the other corner of the card. Flying high, power, strength, spiritual ability coming through grounded in practical reality. She has a wand or sceptre in her other hand for making magic, it’s a symbol of royalty. There’s something very precious adorning her because she can make it real this week.

No 2. Card – 7 of Swords

This card indicates mental energy but there’s 2 planted into the ground. People sometimes see swords as a negative energy but it’s not really, it’s all about thinking. Overthinking can be a problem, however. There could be some sort of sacrifice involved and you can see some tents in the background so travelling could be involved. Could be moving away from a difficult situation or betrayal where there was some sort of spiritual sacrifice.

Be careful you don’t overthink things which could involve racing thoughts that disturb sleep. She’s wearing yellow, which is quite happy, she’s moving forward or away from something and moving towards happiness.

No 3. Card – 2 of Swords

See in the background? There’s 2 reflections of spirit or from the past that are no longer physically real. Reminds me of throwing stones on a pond where there are ripples or harmonics that go out. Something in the past or in spirit is hanging over her. This could be to do with finances, disappointment with money, so be careful. Could also be to do with relationships, a disappointment in a relationship. But still not a bad thing because you can release the past.

Those reflections in the background don’t need to be there anymore. You can say to yourself that those memories don’t need to be manifested on a physical level anymore. This energy is now pointing you in a new direction. You can move forward when you’re ready. Swords are about thinking about things. Cutting through and figuring it out logically. It’s only a bad thing when you overdo it to the point of affecting our wellbeing.

I can see in Spirit someone cooking simple things like toasted sandwiches, it’s not cordon bleu or anything like that. Someone is nurturing others or themselves.

No 4. Card – Page of Swords

This card is about messages from the mind. There’s a big focus on mental energy this week. Your thoughts could give you good news. There are birds in the background, your thoughts could lead you to freedom. How to fly high and ways to get out of a situation where you’ve been feeling stuck. Your thoughts can take flight. Thoughts come after the spiritual inclination to do something. You’ll pick up the subtle vibrations of Spirit telling you something.

I know a lot of people say that thoughts come first. I don’t really subscribe to that idea because Spirit comes first, then thoughts, emotions and lastly the actual physical consequence of what Spirit wants. We can use our thoughts to change things slightly, there is such a thing as destiny or karma. We come here with the broad-brush strokes already laid down and we put in the colours and fine brush strokes of our lives. We still are the architects of our own lives. Through using your thoughts, you can change your reality and there’s some good news this week through your thoughts.

In Spirit, I see a wedding, it’s like it’s the early 1900’s or around there. The bride has a wreath of flowers on her head and a simple dress in a garden wedding. The energy is coming together. You can integrate these energies, so you have more power. It’s about coming together with an energy within, although it could play out on the physical plane as well. It’s a beautiful vision about coming together with a new person you meet, or something is coming together so you finally have power.

No 5. Card – King of Wands

Wands is a very fiery energy and makes us feel motivated. It’s not so much about the action side of things but about feeling the inspirational energy. See the red in the background indicates Mars motivation, achievement and wanting to get stuff done. There’s a great happiness with that.

See those 2 sunflowers in the backgrounds? He’s the King of all he surveys, he’s on his throne ruling. This is a masculine energy inside you that you need to bring out more, the action will come later. If you’re particularly sensitive you can feel a burning in your heart and chest, in your heart chakra. It’s like the violet flame burning away the dross and the burning of inspiration and desire. The physical sensation can become very uncomfortable, it’s not a digestion issue but a spiritual issue.

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Author: Rose Smith