Pick a Card Weekly Tarot Predictions from 19th August 2019

Week from Monday 19th August 2019

5 Card Spread of Energies for the Week

Pick a card 1 – 5, the first number that comes into your head. Then watch or read Rose’s interpretations of the energies she feels around you this week. Overall Rose feels great energies around finances, sharing knowledge and getting things done.

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No 1. Card – King of Pentacles

While I was shuffling, I was seeing coins which is all about transformation and change… coins equal changes. This is great if you’ve been having financial issues. This is about being in control of your finances. He is wearing the spiritual colour purple which is a very spiritual colour. This could be to do with finances or anything that’s physical. It’s about being King of all you survey, you have the power and control. He has 2 pentacles, one is silver and the other bronze or maybe gold. It’s like opposites, silver for feminine and gold or bronze for the masculine. He has control of both opposites. We all have opposites within, male – female, black – white and this week you’ll have more power and authority over those opposites.

In Spirit, I’m seeing circles turning, you’re leaving one chapter to begin a new chapter. Life is a cycle of things repeating, similar but different each time.

No 2. Card – The World

This card has a lot of symbolism. An angel is holding up the gold fabric this lass is dressed in. Gold is symbolic of spiritual value, usually attained after a long spiritual journey. The other side has an owl for wisdom. There is a sceptre denoting wisdom and royalty. She is adorned in something simple but precious. She is naked and vulnerable with one foot on the planet earthed in physical reality, and the rest of her is in spirit.

This represents the ability to rule your world this week. The world is your oyster this week, so whatever you have your heart set upon should come to fruition eventually. This is about achieving! Think carefully about what your heart’s desires are because this is a powerful card.

Psychically, there’s a crystal ball in spirit in my hand. This is about getting in touch with your own intuition and psychic ability. The best psychic reading confirms what you already know. It’s a matter of getting in touch with your talents deep down in your own subconscious.

No 3. Card – Queen of Cups

This is beautiful. She is sitting on a shell with a clam shell at her back. This is about what I was just telling you about getting in touch with your subconscious. Cups are very emotional and one of the keys to accessing your subconscious, are your emotions. Unfortunately, today we have elevated cognition to the Godhead. It’s not true, emotions and thinking are equally relevant in our lives today.

The Queen of Cups is in appreciation of her feelings. Thinking and being logical is not superior to being emotional. These are different realms of reality. She is in touch with her feelings but has her feet on the ground, so she’s practical. The drinking of the grail (she’s holding the grail in her hands) keeps her alive and vital. Birds in the background here are about getting a big picture view, abstract concepts ad she is doing that. You are likely to be appreciative of your emotions which are spiritually allowing the toxins to be removed, especially if you’ve been crying. Grief and disappointment can be released this week and it’s all good!

In spirit, I can see someone climbing a ladder, that is usually the ladder of success. You’re working towards something and getting there. Now I see a clock, it’s a matter of timing before you get what you want.

No 4. Card – 7 of Swords

This card indicates you could be moving away from a difficult situation. This young lass is looking back at something as she moves away. This is a 7 implying some degree of sacrifice, it can be difficult to walk away. She is thinking about the old scenario, she is logically cutting off what she no longer needs. Swords are about thinking, cutting, dissecting, analysing and classification. These 2 swords in the ground, show she is in touch with physical reality. Her feet are on the ground and she has yellow legs.

She could be feeling relieved and yellow indicates the solar plexus. Fatherhood figures, authority figures, it could be a relationship issue but she’s saying ‘no, I’m moving forward’. The tents can imply travel or they could be the chakras. The tent flap is open, so chakras could be open also. She is being very practical and organised. Swords are not negative. There is nothing wrong with cutting off something that is hurting you or not for your highest good.

In Spirit, I can see the ocean. It’s been a stormy night; I see the clouds but it’s not raining or storming now. Peace is coming, the waves however are still a bit turbulent. A new day will soon dawn, and you’ll be on your way.

No 5. Card – The Hierophant

This is the feminine version of someone with a lot of knowledge who is an authority figure. She is sitting on those books. Who is out there is sitting on a lot of knowledge but hasn’t done anything with it? There’s a time for sitting and assimilating knowledge and a time to move forward. Equally, a time will come when action has to happen. She is wearing red for action, so you’ll have to take some action steps at some point. There’s a lot of knowledge and wisdom with all those books around and she has 2 keys in her book. She has the keys to success, she already knows what she has to take action on.

You can teach others what you’ve found out yourself. She has a key in her hand and her other hand has 2 fingers up. She is wearing a crown on her head. Her crown chakra has been crowned. People learn best when they feel appreciated. So when teaching others, you can’t come from a superior attitude. You could be 110% correct but if it’s not delivered in the right way, you won’t get through to them. This card indicates success this week.

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Author: Rose Smith