Pick a Card Weekly Tarot Predictions from 17th June 2019

Week from Monday 17th June 2019

5 Card Spread of Energies for the Week

You’ll feel inspired to get more organised as indicated by the cards this week. Pick a card 1 – 5 and read your interpretation from the cards drawn by Rose, or watch the video below.

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No 1. Card – 2 of Swords

This is all about mental energy and the ability to analyse. Cutting out the crap that goes on in our heads. We overthink things, especially in western countries. We keep on thinking and thinking causing ourselves all manner of anxiety and angst. 2’s can be about finances and sometimes we need to cut through confusion about our money situation.

If you’re having financial issues and you’ve picked no. 1, this is the week to really cut through and solve those issues analytically and logically. Be organised about your money, get rid of superfluous stuff e.g. eBay, Gumtree etc. Look at your finances thoroughly, it can also be about relationships, but I feel it’s more to do with money this week.

The reflections in the background is about her past, the cycle is repeating itself from the past. This could be inherited financial issues from her whole family, it might not even be her own energy. If that’s you, please go back in your family tree and see how many people have financial issues. If there are multiple people, you’ve probably inherited multiple genes hindering your financial success. Underneath it all, there may be a belief system that you don’t deserve better, which just isn’t true. You don’t have to believe your family story. I’m seeing in Spirit an issue that is dead, but it’s not yet buried. There’s a funeral, you might need to do a funeral or a ritual of some kind to finally bury something.

Now for no. 2, I see a piano playing, life is like a symphony playing the songs of life. Life is like a symphony with all the musicians’ parts being important.

No 2. Card – 6 of Swords

This card indicates planning and strategising to broaden horizons. This is great for travel. She’s in a little boat, it’s not rough. The sky is dark because she doesn’t know what will happen, she’s moving away from a difficult situation. I’m getting the vibe to be careful with money. Basically, it’s good, stepping out and moving away from difficulties. This could be about a project, broadening horizons. We need to be exposed to foreign ideas so we can learn to understand how other people think.

In Spirit, I can see some parchments, like scrolls all tied up with red ribbon. Be careful going through contracts and agreements, it’s a good omen for these. Go into yourself and ask yourself if there are any spiritual contracts that you can now void. I can see chains around people, some of these contracts are holding people back, these agreements are no longer for your highest good and have very negative clauses. You don’t need to be part of anything holding you back, repressing and suppressing you.

I’ve got the moon here in front of me. The moon is guiding me, the divine feminine in my subconscious is guiding me to where I need to be and it’s the same for you!

No 3. Card – 3 of Pentacles

Indicates carving out your future. It can be about money, communications, messages and making things the way you want in a physical sense. You can improve your physical life with the help of others. You can be either the ‘carver’ or the ‘carvee’, put yourself in either role, be both receptive and active. Other people can help you this week to get ahead.

She’s wearing yellow here implying happiness, insight and awareness. I see red in spirit also which is about being active, it’s like Mars motivation, getting stuff done around the house or local area. Cleaning out cupboards, organising things, paying bills, general domesticity. Be a little cautious as I see in Spirit 2 swords crossing meaning a disagreement at home or close by. I’m seeing ‘fencing with foils’, it’s a clash of opinions but not major. It’s all healed and there’s no problem. Basically, all good 🙂

In Spirit, I see the flags are up, warriors going out, reminds me of England and the King’s Knights going out to provide justice in the countryside.

No 4. Card – 10 of Swords

I am getting stabbed in the back. Unkind people. After you go through a long and difficult process but it’s at the end. It’s about betrayal and disappointment but fortunately it’s the end of the process and new beginnings are about to start. You become a better person despite all the nastiness. This is the 10, the 1 and the 0. New things start despite a long drawn out process that has been awful. You will be better, and you don’t have to sink to the low level that some go to.

It could also be a long process where you just haven’t felt joy in life, a long time for some years where you may have felt totally flat, almost numb. Like you’ve gone flat because you’ve been walking in the wilderness. You need a drink, nurturing and someone kind to just say a few kind words to you. But it’s just about finished, so that’s fantastic that it’s over.

No 5. Card – 7 of Wands

This woman means business, she’s got 7 baseball bats so don’t get in her way. It’s time for action because she’s full of fiery inspirational energy. There’s something close to her heart that she really wants to accomplish this week.

7’s can be very spiritual and sometimes even sacrificial. You might be juggling things in order to do something physical with the fiery inspiration that you feel. I can actually feel burning in my heart which is the desire and determination to do it. So spiritual, it’s time to spend time in self-reflection, feeling the desire to do what you want to do. Just be careful that you’re not impulsive. Don’t go off ‘half cocked’ meaning that you’re not properly prepared for the situation. Take it slower.

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Author: Rose Smith