Pick a Card Weekly Tarot Predictions from 15th July 2019

Week from Monday 15th July 2019

5 Card Spread of Energies for the Week

Rose sees in Spirit a lot of energy around chakras from the cards drawn this week. It’s time to get your message out. Great news if you have a small business. Also, a great reminder to nurture yourself too, especially when dealing with relationships from the past. Pick a card 1 – 5 and read your interpretation from the cards drawn by Rose, or watch the video below.

image of beautiful woman pouring water into a gold goblet representing the temperance tarot card

No 1. Card – 10 of Pentacles

This is a great card especially for issues around finances. But it really relates to anything on the physical level but does include money. It points to success around finances this week. You could be working on a project which comes to completion this week.

You’ve probably been through a cycle involving money which is ending, and you’re about to start a new cycle. You can see the 10 of Pentacles which actually looks like coins, and coins represent change and new beginnings, so not only money. This is wonderful for transformation especially around financial issues.

No 2. Card – Temperance

Which is no. 14 in the major arcana. This is a great card which is all about balance in your life. Balancing all the realms of spirit, mentality, emotion and physicality. In order to be successful, you need all of your energy across all realms so you can do what you want with your life. Otherwise, you can’t access all your energy.

There’s balance, organisation, structure and it gives you a feeling of achievement. See how she has one cup pouring into the other cup, that means containing emotions. You express your emotions in a healthy way. Cups can indicate the ‘holy grail’. She is wearing a peacock feather, this is the identity you show the world. See the colours blue and green, the heart energy being expressed through the throat. It’s not about the ego, the mind, cognition or judgement, it’s about expressing emotions properly. A beautiful card, well done you!

Psychically I can see a ladder to success, taking the steps. I now see a bow and arrow, firing off an arrow off which hits the target, bingo success this week!

No 3. Card – The World

Beautiful! The World is your oyster. This is about manifestation of your heart’s true desires. See this woman is actually stepping on the World with one foot… physical groundedness. She’s also in Spirit and wrapped in gold but she’s still grounded.

See the angels are with her, holding up the gold fabric which she is wrapped in. There’s no agenda, there’s no pretending to be someone she’s not. Fantastic! In her other hand she has a gold sceptre, a symbol of royalty – the ability to manifest because the World is your oyster and you can do whatever you want this week. Fantastic again!

No 4. Card – 6 of Cups

This is lovely for emotions and it’s all about abundance, maybe even in relationships. She’s on her own, but it looks like a little dog or teddy bear in her lap for comfort. There’s no other people there, so this is about her own feelings.

Happiness and she’s dressed in green which means opportunities for growth. This is about happiness and abundance even joy!

No 5. Card – Page of Wands

She means business but she brings good news and she’s going to get stuff done creatively. Wands are fiery inspirational energies and Pages are the ones who bring messages. Mercury is retrograde at the moment, some messages maybe delayed.

There are 2 pyramids in the background which could indicate travel, but more likely they are chakras. Energy being released from the chakras this week so she can be healed regarding communications or expression. Maybe you’ve been feeling a little bit blocked and in the southern hemisphere it’s winter, so we could be quieter and staying at home more. This indicates good news, chakras being open, creativity, healing and perhaps travel.

I see in Spirit, a lot of energy around chakras, it’s time to get your message out. If you have a small business, it’s good for promotion and marketing about something from the past rather than starting something brand new. Perhaps something or someone from the past comes back. If a person is an ex, remember why they’re an ex, there’s always a reason. That issue could be coming back for healing this week.

There are literally hundreds of chakras in and outside the body. 2 main chakras we hardly hear about are the Soulstar… approximately 30 cm above the head and the Earthstar, 30-45 cm below the feet. I’m also seeing lots of food here, particularly cupcakes which mean sweet nurturance. It’s great to do this for other people, but even better to do it for yourself!

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Author: Rose Smith