Pick a Card Weekly Tarot Predictions from 14th May 2019

Week from Tuesday 14th May 2019

5 Card Spread of Energies for the Week

Focus on a number between 1 and 5 and find out the energies surrounding you this week from Rose. What number did you pick? Read your interpretation from the cards drawn or watch the video below.

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No 1. Card – King of Pentacles

Relates to the physical world including your finances and possessions. A king rules over all he surveys, the ultimate power and being able to control your possessions and finances. This is about earthly matters and being able to take control of physical projects, finances and things that need physical action. I have the sense of water which is about flowing emotions.

No 2. Card – 4 of Wands

4’s are all about working, accomplishing, building up, taking action steps. This lovely celtic lass here on the card, she is in a frame, a boundary, 4 sides, a window of opportunity. So it’s by planning that you can achieve work to get the project done. Wands are about fiery inspiration which you can put into a framework. This is about planning and strategising before you actually do anything, using your motivation and inspiration. It’s also about planning and strategising your fiery inspiration to build something up. I see in Spirit a dark tunnel with a green door, it’s like a door of opportunity is about to open after a dark time.

No 3. Card – The Hanged Man

It’s not a bad thing so don’t freak out. This is about delays, it doesn’t mean that what you want isn’t going to happen, it’s just not going to happen right now. You can’t achieve what you want until the right time. Think of numerology and the numbers 1-9 then there is the number 0, the in-between. It’s the ‘limbo’ zone between life and death, or it’s like being pregnant you know the baby is coming but he/she isn’t here yet. That last bit of the pregnancy can be difficult… get this baby out of me! It will happen at the right time.

No 4. Card – 3 of Cups

In Spirit I have a bridge in my mind, a time of making contact, bridging differences and bringing things together. I now get the 3 of Cups indicating communications, relax, take some time out and go and have some fun. Get with your friends and other people to become more creative. Although creativity does come from within, mixing with others can help! Allow your emotions to flow freely so you can get ready for a time of work at a later date.

No 5. Card – Queen of Pentacles

This woman is a highly organised woman. She’s very good at carrying off whatever is in her mind. The red colour implies action and it is pentacles which says that action was taken. Things didn’t ‘magically manifest’. The Queen had to take action and this could be your result this week. While I’m saying this, I’m actually psychically getting a clean out for some of you. Clean out your pantries, wardrobes and cupboards, you will find treasures you’ve actually forgotten about. It’s a great week for getting things done physically this week.

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Author: Rose Smith