Pick a Card Weekly Tarot Predictions from 12th August 2019

Week from Monday 12th August 2019

5 Card Spread of Energies for the Week

Things will be better this week. In Australia, it’s all about hopefulness and getting stuff done. If you’re in the northern hemisphere, it’s a time for being prepared and getting yourself organised for the winter. Now let’s focus on you. Pick a card 1 – 5 and watch the video.

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No 1. Card – Ace of Pentacles

If you chose this card, it is great for new beginnings and new starts. It could be finances, a new relationship or a new work project but it is on a physical level. I get the feeling of new communications around this. If you’ve met someone online, you could even meet this person soon. There’s something of a physical nature going on that wasn’t going on before. If you’re looking for a new job or promotion, it’s a great time. If you’re in a small business you might be marketing or starting a new promotion soon. Something has collapsed or passed in the past so you can start these new beginnings.

Spiritually, I can see no. 1 still, I see the Star card, positive omens, success and it’s a young feminine energy. There are positive signs and portents, yes portents!

Regarding card no. 2, in Spirit I can see a door opening up. There are some chains on the door, it only opens up about 4 inches or 10cm but at the right time they will drop off and the door will open up completely. I can see stairs on the other side of the door so then it’s time for action steps. It’s a matter of time before the chains drop off and the door opens fully. So don’t go too early, you need to get your timing right. If you go too early, the opportunity won’t be fully available, and you might find some challenges or delays.

No 2. Card – Knight of Pentacles

Again this card is on a physical level. This could indicate travel and certainly indicates strength with that lion. Normally it’s a masculine energy, but this card shows a woman cloaked in red which means taking action at the appropriate time. There’s a star on his headwear which again means positive signs and portents. Perhaps you’ve been thinking of going somewhere for a while, travel is possible. I also feel good news coming, you might be amazed! It’s like he’s moving away from a difficult situation which forged the strength within. You could broaden your horizons somehow. It’s good for real estate, the body or anything on a physical level, but don’t allow yourself to get too grounded which could make you feel like you’re stuck in the mud somehow.

I’m seeing in Spirit a lot of water which is calming down, it could have been a storm in the past and it’s been choppy. I’m seeing a pick and shovel. Looking for buried treasure, so going down deep within and finding a hidden treasure chest of innate abilities. You can find these gifts within your own subconscious.

No 3. Card – The Hanged Man

Some people sometimes freak out about this card, but it’s not awful at all. It’s the end of the cycle and you’re in the stage where you have to wait. Just be patient and wait for the next cycle, it’s not one thing or the other. If you’re interested in numerology, you’ll know there are 10 numbers because we call zero a number. This card is equivalent to zero in numerology. It’s like the ‘void’ and you’re in limbo waiting. It’s up to you what attitude you take, you could be like a glass half empty or a glass half full.

You know something is going to happen and it’s like being 9 months pregnant, you know the baby is coming but that baby isn’t here yet. The baby will come when the baby is ready, not when you say. It could be in any area of your life, so be patient and wait for all the ducks to all line up.

I see in Spirit for card 4, something is about to take off… I can see like a spaceship or rocket about to take off. It’s like a jet ready and waiting to take off. I see a bridge (like San Francisco)… this is about bridging things that are opposites. Maybe you haven’t seen eye to eye with someone or you come to terms with someone.

No 4. Card – 6 of Swords

Indicates moving away from a difficult situation and moving to something better. Swords relate to the mental faculty, so this is about thinking about something more positive. The suite of swords is not negative, they’re about dissecting, classifying and analysing things. Judge behaviour not the actual person. It can be bad when we overthink things or judge other people.

We do need to think properly – classification and analysis. You’ve looked at something but it didn’t work out or it’s not what you thought it was, so now you’re moving away. There are new patterns of thought coming in. There are new things you’re supposed to be doing. Some of your thinking hasn’t been ideal, so you can clean that out. You could be moving away from a difficult situation regarding a relationship, but you’ve got the light of the moon there to guide you.

I can see an angel’s wings in front of me, it could be a guardian angel. There is help from above. The words are ‘march to the beat of a different drum’ and I can see the drum. Listen to yourself and change things up a bit because you’re in your right to change. You need to listen to yourself and not so much other people.

No 5. Card – 9 of Wands

This card indicates an end of a cycle. It’s almost finished. You may have been thinking about changing things for a long time. Wands are a very fiery and motivational energy, it’s almost the time to take action. You could be feeling very inspired to take action. Here we’re going from the number 1 card starting a new cycle to number 5 ending a cycle. See this lady has red legs… that’s about taking action and feeling motivated. She’s using the bats (she means business) as stepping stones, so she can get where she wants to go. The bats rise up like stairs so she can take action steps when she’s ready.

For everyone, I see in Spirit the ocean, a calm beautiful day. The sun is shining and there are some good winds of change coming up this week. Things will be better this week. In Australia, it’s all about hopefulness and getting stuff done. If you’re in the northern hemisphere, it’s a time for being prepared and getting yourself organised for the winter. Stay around the home and do stuff in the metaphysical area. Do some meditation and get ready around the home.

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Author: Rose Smith