Pick a Card Weekly Tarot Predictions from 10th June 2019

Week from Monday 10th June 2019

5 Card Spread of Energies for the Week

What is your vibe for the week? Pick a card 1 – 5 and watch the video below for your interpretations by Rose. Don’t forget to turn up your volume.

No 1. Card – 9 of Swords

This lass is upset about a situation that has come to an end. It’s very nearly at completion. She is holding on to purple fabric of some description. It’s there to bolster her and give support in her decision. Some of you have been through a difficult time, the end of a relationship or job. The end of a situation or ideas that you thought you were quite correct in doing. At the time you were correct, but now you might have a different point of view.

You are changing, learning, growing so some of your ideals don’t fit now. That was the best we could do with your understanding. It’s the end, a time of completion. Swords are about cutting out what doesn’t work for you anymore. It’s tough and requires courage. We all have to cut something off at some point, even if we don’t want to, we know it’s not right for us.

No 2. Card – 5 of Cups

I have mixed feelings here. It can be very creative but often there’s some disappointment. Emotional energy, spilling something or losing something. It’s a partial win but not a full win. A red rose can imply it’s love but could be anything relating to disappointment. Closing my eyes, I see a battlefield, arguments and things not working out now you’d planned. Push comes to shove and someone comes off the loser. The other thing I see is a precipice so 2 possible results, jump off and either sprout wings and fly or crash. Start being positive and sprout wings to learn to fly. It’s not terrible, you can find a silver lining here. There’s something in this week for you, there’s an opportunity, find the silver lining, growth, experience etc.

I now see a ladder but it’s not vertical. This implies a ladder of success, it’s more horizontal so easy to climb. It’s not too hard, you could go at a relatively easy pace and still be successful this week.

No 3. Card – 3 of Swords & 2 of Pentacles

Pentacles is often about money, not huge amounts so you may not win lotto, but get small amounts of $$$ to put a smile on your dial. Physical things/possession are coming your way. If you’ve had financial stress, there should be some easing this week. This card is great for you if you’re worried about money. Going back to my vision about the ladder, it comes relatively easy. The 3 of Swords, sometimes this refers to a love triangle or could even be 3 friends that have a falling out. 2 friends get on and 1 is left out. A three-sided wheel doesn’t quite roll properly. Funny, this is no. 3 and we have the 3 swords. There are 3 components but 1 might not work properly.

I see cooking and baking when I close my eyes. This is about nurturing other people, using your natural skills to help others, or even yourself!

No 4. Card – The World

This card is beautiful. This lady is like an angel wrapped in gold. Literally, the world is your oyster! There’s all sorts of things you can manifest this week. You can bring things into physical reality – create, garden, make money, a relationship, improve a relationship, this week you can get stuff to go your way. It does have some good luck, but it’s more about making spiritual advancements. The World is fantastic! Well done you!

As soon as I close my eyes, I have a lot of green opportunities coming. I think it’s a green door for growth coming in the next week. They’re showing me a golden globe handing it to me to give to you Artistic Mum, you can do anything or go anywhere, they want to encourage you.

No 5. Card – 2 of Swords

This card indicates thinking and analysing. Planning, goalsetting, strategising. Could be about relationships or finances. See at the back there are 2 reflections. Be careful that you don’t misread the situation. Those reflections are an undercurrent that is not really physical. Those reflections could be the past, your childhood, or something in the past could even be on your family tree such as ancestral memories coming through your DNA. I just get the sense of aloneness which is kinda beautiful but isolating. Concentrate on the real physical things you have to do, don’t get caught in the past. Swords is always about planning and strategising this week, you can cut out what no longer works for you.

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Author: Rose Smith