image of Psychic Andrew during a Skype video for Absolute Soul Secrets

Date: 02.04.16 Author: Psychic Andrew

Video Interview with Psychic Andrew

Many people do not believe in psychics or the work they do. Psychic Andrew explains in this video interview that you don’t have to believe, you just need to have an open heart. This helps create the energetic connection. Watch the video.

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image of Psychic Jenna during a Skype video for Absolute Soul Secrets

Date: 02.04.16 Author: Jenna

Video Interview with Psychic Jenna

Psychic Jenna has many psychic gifts, however her specialty is the gift of mediumship. Jenna can communicate with loved ones who have passed over and share their messages with you. Watch Jenna’s video interview which explains more.

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image for welcome to 2016 video from absolute soul secrets

Date: 30.12.15 Author: Rose Smith

Welcome to 2016

A heartwarming video message from Rose Smith to you. Welcoming the New Year for 2016 and being thankful for what we have are the key messages in this video. Thank you too for your support this year and looking forward to great times ahead.

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image of the base chakra video thumbnail

Date: 10.04.15 Author: Rose Smith

Soul Secrets Healing and Your Base Chakra

If you are feeling disconnected, unproductive and not happy in your own skin, then your Base Chakra needs some attention. A good clear Base Chakra helps us achieve practical earthly things with abundance.

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image of video thumbnail Soul Connection

Date: 25.12.14 Author: Rose Smith

Strengthen Your Soul Connection

Do you want to strengthen the Divine Connection with your Soul? Then watch this video by Rose Smith! You will find some powerful messages in this video, mainly that we are here in this universe to be happy.

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image of heart chakra video thumbnail

Date: 03.05.14 Author: Rose Smith

Soul Secrets Healing and Your Heart Chakra

Understanding and working on your Chakras can help restore balance and healing in your life. This video is about the Heart Chakra which when in balance, allows you to enjoy abundance and enriching relationships.

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How do psychic readings work? Go to our Videos Blog at Absolute Soul Secrets and watch our interviews with psychics Laurence, Holly, Andrew and Jenna.