Venus Retrograde 2020

Venus Retrograde in 2020

Venus is the Planet of Love

Venus the planet of love, beauty, the arts, cooperation and $$$ changes sign every month or so. She also goes retrograde every 18 months for about 6 weeks and in 2020, Venus will be retrograde May 13 – June 25 in Gemini. There is a shadow period commencing April 9 which finishes July 29. Venus has affinity with the feminine yin energy and when she’s retrograde, emotional issues, especially in relationships can spew up like a volcano for some. Many people are affected to some extent but if you have Libra or Taurus in your chart you will be very strongly affected.

Emotional Transformation

Venus Retrograde brings emotional transformation… like it or not! We get to rethink our relationships – what works and what doesn’t. This is not a dress rehearsal, Venus wants everyone to make practical changes and bring the results down to Earth. So get ready for deep and meaningful with your significant other. Anything you’ve been sitting on and not expressing will want to come spewing out of your mouth, one way or another.

Relationships Built on Equality

Expressing your real feelings and thoughts doesn’t necessarily mean the end of a relationship, although it might for some. There could be a real upside so that the relationship goes to a new deeper level of commitment. Venus Rx wants you to grow up and be independent whilst still being in a relationship and she loves relationships built on equality not dependency. The purpose of this period of time is to encourage your adult maturity through emotional growth. Sometimes growing pains come with that growth, but remember those growing pains are only for a time as you grow into your new skin.

Share Your Feelings

If you haven’t been dealing with your own feelings, say you’ve been trying to stuff them down into your body, they could come up like a volcano so you will need to find an appropriately healthy way to let them out. Try writing in a journal, do some breath work, cry, scream or talk to a trusted confidante. Give us a call for a psychic reading if you feel you’ve got no one you can trust, we can help. As this retrograde is in Gemini, expressing your true feelings is super important. Gemini is ruled by Mercury and is encouraging you to get the truth out!

Under Venus Retrograde, sometimes old lovers from the past can return if all the issues are not resolved. My advice to you would be “remember why they’re an Ex!” Go slow because sometimes if you get back with an Ex during a retrograde, when Venus turns direct, the relationship could dramatically change. People do change their minds sometimes when Venus moves forward again, so do be aware if an Ex returns.

Review Your Finances

During Venus Rx, it’s a good time to review your finances. There may not necessarily be any issues, but it’s good to check where you’re at financially anyway. It’s not a good time to invest when Venus is retrograde as investments could lose value when Venus turns direct again.

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