Uranus Retrograde 2021

Uranus Retrograde 2021

Uranus is known as The Awakener

Uranus continues his journey through Earthy Taurus and will be retrograding giving both excitement and turbulence. On an inner level, there is a great deal of psychological and spiritual transformation. You may get some creative flashes of brilliance, going off like fireworks on cracker night in your head!

Influences Affect the Larger Collective

Uranus spends approximately 5 months per year in retrograde. There is also a ‘shadow period’ commencing a few months before and after this time. Uranus has affinity with the masculine yang energy, although some disagree and say Uranus is neither male nor female. I must say Uranus feels male to me so I will sometimes refer to Uranus as ‘he’. So, when he’s retrograde, issues with authority figures may arise – particularly with governments or fatherhood figures as rebelliousness, revolution and anarchy rise.

Uranus is the first of the transpersonal planets with Neptune and Pluto following. These planets relate not only to individuals but also to large collectives of people, for example countries.

A Push Towards Individual Freedom

During Uranus retrograde, there may be push towards individual freedom with large numbers of people chafing at restrictions, such as those imposed by governments, relationships, work, family or local environments. You could find yourself thinking about ending a relationship or job or wanting to relocate. You may be drawn to others who live on the ‘fringe of society’ in some way or you might just be feeling very restless with your life. Anxiety or sudden changes in behaviour or emotional state are also possible.

Stay Grounded in this Physical Reality

Uranus retrograde may also bring up issues from past lives and other universal realities. You may feel ‘different’ to others, or ‘wired’ into some other dimension, which may cause erratic mood swings or personality changes. Just be yourself and try to stay calm and centred. Practise being grounded in this physical reality rather than letting your mind go off too much into other dimensions.

A Mixed Bag of Influences

Do you want change? Be patient, it’s probably not the best time to act right now, but it is a good time to plan your future. You could be feeling disruptive and rebellious so instead of jumping out of the fat and into the next frying pan, take a deep breath and calm down before making major decisions. If you’re meant to move on or instigate some form of change, your anger and seething rebellion can sit within in the bottom of a fiery cauldron to fuel your actions at a later time.

Uranus retrograde is a mixed bag of influences, some positive and others less so. Having said all of this, if you’re normally rebellious, you may calm down a little. The key word for Uranus is unpredictability!

All planetary retrogrades give us the opportunity to review, reflect and reassess different areas of our lives.

Those Most Affected by Uranus Retrograde

  • Inventors.
  • Those in the science, electricity, Earth sciences and technology industries including people who use or invest heavily in these technologies.
  • Those with rebellious and tendencies.
  • Spiritual people or those with spiritual tendencies.
  • Societies where there is great inequality and are ripe for revolution such as USA, UK, Mexico, Russia, Turkey, South Africa, China, Chile, Costa Rica, Brazil and India.
  • Countries with a history of extreme weather or Earth changes.

Zodiac signs most impacted are Taurus and Aquarius.

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