Psychic Predictions – How to Become a Psychic

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Making Psychic Predictions & How to Become a Psychic

Making psychic predictions in readings can vary in structure and can offer completely different experiences based on the reader’s style. It may seem as if all psychic readers are blessed with the same gifts. However, each has a different set of psychic abilities and utilises a range of tools to enhance their reading abilities. These accessories are combined with their natural gifts and intuition.

The role of a reader dates back centuries and has evolved considerably through this time. Many of the methods still in effect today have been around for hundreds of years. However, newer approaches have emerged as well. Although there are many tools for different purposes, they are all utilised primarily for divination and prediction.

The majority of psychics take their work quite seriously, at least in Australia this is the case. Of course, there are still some that bring the profession into disrepute, as there are in any industry. If you’re thinking of becoming a professional psychic or you wish to make predictions, you will need to have a genuine attitude and to invest in the correct tools. Being a psychic is a vocation, not just a job.

A Psychic Reader’s Range of Tools


The tarot is a deck that typically contains 78 cards in four suits (sometimes known as suites). Each card features a picture and label that represents a specific idea, action or object. The Tarot is used to predict what is in store for the person to whom the deck is dealt. Many people ask a specific question to the Tarot, which the psychic then answers by dealing the Tarot cards. Some people like to see what general direction the Tarot spread takes without giving any prompts.

Sometimes people who have tarot readings are referred to by the rather old fashioned word ‘querant’. That is the person who asks the questions to the reader. Querant actually means ‘the enquirer’. Occasionally, playing cards are used instead of regular tarot or oracle cards.

Angel Cards

Angel cards are similar to the Tarot in that a psychic will deal a deck to provide guidance on any issue. However, a psychic who utilises these cards is specifically seeking help from angels and other spiritual beings during the reading. Angel card readings are generally more positive and uplifting than Tarot, which can sometimes deliver disappointing news.

Crystal Balls

Making predictions is often done using one of the most familiar tools utilised by psychics – crystal balls. Psychics can look into the ball and fall into a trance where they see (known as clairvoyance) valuable information about the querant. Historically, they’ve also been used to help locate missing people and objects during times of need.


Some psychics elect to use crystals to strengthen their gifts and help them make predictions. They select a specific stone based on the ability they’re trying to enhance. Amber, purple amethyst, smoky quartz and black obsidian are a few common crystals utilised during psychic readings, each containing its own special power. These these stones can be powerful and significantly amplify one’s natural gifts.

Every psychic has their own unique gifts and will leverage them in different ways. The accessories listed above are just a small representation of the psychic tools available. By using the tools best suited to their personal methodology, psychics can provide clients with the most accurate, effective readings possible. Psychics can utilise these accessories in any reading environment, including during a phone psychic reading or face to face reading.

Pendulum or Dowsing

Divination by pendulum is a type of dowsing, a practice used to obtain information beyond the range of the normal senses. It involves suspending a small object such as a crystal, stone, or metal weight on a chain or string and asking questions that will result in a yes or no answer. The pendulum moves in response to the energy of the person asking the question, and the movement can be interpreted to reveal information about the future or the present situation.

This technique is popular for its simplicity and effectiveness in providing quick answers to questions about health, relationships, career, and spiritual development. Some people believe that dowsing can tap into the subconscious mind or connect with spiritual energies, while others see it as a tool to enhance intuition and decision-making skills. Whatever the belief or viewpoint, divination by dowsing remains a popular method for gaining insight into one’s life and gaining clarity on important matters.


Astrology studies the celestial bodies’ positions in the heavens and their influence world events and human affairs. This form of prognostication originated thousands of years ago, and it has become a significant part of our culture’s belief system. The position of planets and stars at the moment of one’s birth or at other times has a very important impact on one’s personality, behaviour, and destiny. These positions at the birthtime set in place a template for life.

This form of prognostication can help people better understand themselves and their purpose in life. Despite some opposing views, astrology remains very popular and continues to fascinate many people worldwide.


Numerology is a fascinating field that has been utilised for thousands of years to decode the meanings and symbolism behind numbers and their vibratory effects. It is a practice that involves assigning numerical values to letters, words, and dates. Then interpretation of the patterns and relationships between those numbers takes place.

The basic idea behind numerology is that numbers hold a vibration of deeper truth. They can help us uncover hidden insights and messages about ourselves and the universe. By examining our birthdate, name, and other significant numbers in our lives, we can gain greater self-awareness. We can also gain insight into our relationships and guidance on our life path. Numerology has remained a popular belief system across cultures, and continues to be studied and practiced by seekers looking to understand the meaning in life. Psychics often use it to make psychic predictions.


If you wish to make predictions or become a psychic you will need to face your own subconscious. This can be both a challenging and rewarding journey. You will learn much about yourself and humanity on the path to enlightenment. It may not always be easy, but it certainly is rewarding. My course could help you grow and become more insightful.

Many blessings and all the best on your journey!

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After experimenting with a few different psychics, determine which style you prefer. In the meantime, why not check out the skills, modalities and accessories used by our psychics on Our Psychics page.

Author: Rose Smith