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an eye appearing in a circular portal on a magical lake

Date: 13.04.23 Author: Rose Smith

Apportation – Fact or Fiction

Is Apportation a real phenomenon? The terms Apportation, Teleportation and Materialization are used interchangeably. But there is reported evidence around the world about objects disappearing mysteriously. Rose looks into this fascinating subject.

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image of the world trade centre memorial

Date: 13.04.14 Author: Rose Smith

September 11 Part 2

Read Part 2 about Rose Smith’s vision after the attack on the World Trade Centre. She experienced more dreams where she was beckoned by the Grim Reaper to help victims move towards the light. A compelling true story.

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image of new york city with a beaming light coming from the world trade centre memorial

Date: 12.04.14 Author: Rose Smith

September 11 Part 1

A vision came to Rose Smith immediately before and after the World Trade Centre attack on September 11 2001. She remembers dreaming of devastation and destruction just before the attack. This is Part 1 of Rose’s story.

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image of dandelion tufts blowing in wind on blue background

Date: 10.04.14 Author: Janet


Tufts is a True Psychic Story from Psychic Janet. She describes her first encounter with the ‘other side’ when she had a visit from her father-in-law. He let her know his presence through sending her dandelion tufts.

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image of child ghost in the forest

Date: 05.09.14 Author: Rose Smith

Ghost Spotting

Have you ever seen a ghost. Rose Smith has! Read about her interesting ghost experience when she was a young woman travelling through cattle country in south west NSW.

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