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Video Interview with Psychic Snowy

Date: 30.05.20 Author: Psychic Snowy

Video Interview with Psychic Snowy

Snowy always knew this spiritual work was her life’s calling. She has been seeing, hearing, sensing and reading energy ever since she can remember. In this video interview, Snowy recalls her first prediction when she was only 3 years old!

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A New Day A New Chance Beyond Covid-10

Date: 18.05.20 Author: Rose Smith

A New Day A New Chance Beyond COVID-19

There is life beyond Covid-19! Throw out the past and get creative! Now the world as we knew it has changed forever, Rose shares what new opportunities can await us if we can see beyond the constraints of the past.

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Date: 12.01.20 Author: Rose Smith

Stay Single Until You Meet Someone Who Shows They Love You Every Day

When you’re single, it’s important to stay positive, realistic and enjoy the life you have. You can make your life so much better while the right person is being spiritually drawn to you. Read this article from Rose.

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A Beginners Guide to Develop Your Psychic Abilities Interview with Rose Studio 10

Date: 07.08.19 Author: Rose Smith

A Beginner’s Guide To Develop Your Psychic Abilities Studio 10

Rose was invited by Studio 10 to discuss ‘A Beginner’s Guide To Develop Your Psychic Abilities’. If you feel you have a strong sense of intuition, or just get messages out of nowhere, watch this fun interview!

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Image of a Young Girl Surrounded by Butterflies and Sparkles

Date: 06.12.18 Author: Abbey Lenton

I Told My Parents How I died

Have you ever had one of those moments where your child has said something that made your hair stand on end? Then read this interview with Rose Smith and Abbey Lenton from Kidspot.com.au. Rose explains about Past Life experiences.

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image of a psychic to celebrate 5th august psychic day

Date: 31.07.18 Author: Rose Smith

5th August is Psychic Day

5th August is Psychic Day! Everyone has some psychic ability. We are all spirits having an earthly experience, yet we are not given a map to help guide us through life. Rather we rely on our intuition or gut feelings to navigate our way. Watch this short video!

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image of a woman in the cold winter feeling moody

Date: 17.06.18 Author: Rose Smith

How Does Winter Affect Our Moods?

We can never underestimate the link between people’s overall well-being and the weather. When temperatures plummet, so too can our moods. Read these great tips from Rose Smith to help you cope with your feelings during the colder months.

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image of a woman chasing her dreams

Date: 19.02.18 Author: Thomas

Chase Your Dreams

There is always a voice within us of self-doubt, where we feel that achieving our dreams are an impossibility. You can take your dreams as far as you can. Just remember there is only you in the race to get there. There is no finishing line.

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image of a blindfolded woman wandering through lightbulbs trusting her intuition

Date: 04.02.18 Author: Psychic Angela

Increase Your Intuition With These Easy Tips

There are so many ways we can integrate our intuition into our daily life, and learn Spirit’s presence in even the most simplest of tasks. Read these 7 easy tips on how to increase your intuition. Discover those awesome abilities in yourself too.

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image of Rose Smith talking about her course

Date: 28.11.17 Author: Rose Smith

How to Be Spiritual and Surprisingly Successful at Life Course

Looking to transform your life so that you can be more happy, successful and fulfilled? Then this spiritual course may be for you! Rose shares more than 30 years of personal spiritual knowledge, meditations and practise in this course to help you get there.

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