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woman with 2 faces looking at the moons

Date: 15.08.23 Author: Rose Smith

Supermoon Rituals

Personal rituals can be a great source of strength and transformation. And timing your rituals with natural events like a Supermoon will enhance the potency of your rituals. Choose an Elemental Ritual to embrace the next Supermoon – Air, Fire, Water or Earth.

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image of dragon for chinese new year in macau

Date: 09.02.16 Author: Rose Smith

The Meaning Behind Chinese New Year

The Chinese New Year marks the turn of the Chinese calendar, which typically falls between late January and mid February. 2016 is the Year of the Monkey. Read the history behind this significant Chinese celebration.

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image of silhouette man meditating

Date: 28.08.14 Author: Rose Smith

Powerful Mantra Tips

Attract more love, abundance, success in your life and do a Mantra ritual regularly. The effectiveness of a mantra is more powerful if you have strong intention about what it is you wish to achieve, and then say it with conviction.

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beautiful orange trees in winter

Date: 13.06.14 Author: Rose Smith

Removing Obstacles in Winter

Winter is a great time to create new beginnings and remove any obstacles that have been weighing you down. Rose Smith talks about how you can start creating positive change by doing a simple ritual during the Winter Solstice.

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image of the transform of the lotus flower in different colours

Date: 01.05.14 Author: Rose Smith

Transformation Ritual Ideas

Prepare yourself for transformation this Autumn. Transformation is a wonder thing, however it makes space for new and exciting opportunities to enter our lives. Read Rose Smith’s Personal Transformation Ritual Ideas.

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