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Is Ophiuchus the 13th Starsign Interview with Studio 10

Date: 24.04.23 Author: Rose Smith

Is Ophiuchus a Real Starsign?

Has NASA discovered a 13th sign of the Zodiac? Not really. In fact the discovery of this 13th ‘zodiac sign’ – Ophiuchus – is not new. Watch this Studio 10 interview where Rose explains how the Western Astrology system can be stunningly accurate.

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Video Interview with Psychic Snowy

Date: 30.05.20 Author: Psychic Snowy

Video Interview with Psychic Snowy

Snowy always knew this spiritual work was her life’s calling. She has been seeing, hearing, sensing and reading energy ever since she can remember. In this video interview, Snowy recalls her first prediction when she was only 3 years old!

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A Beginners Guide to Develop Your Psychic Abilities Interview with Rose Studio 10

Date: 07.08.19 Author: Rose Smith

A Beginner’s Guide To Develop Your Psychic Abilities Studio 10

Rose was invited by Studio 10 to discuss ‘A Beginner’s Guide To Develop Your Psychic Abilities’. If you feel you have a strong sense of intuition, or just get messages out of nowhere, watch this fun interview!

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Image of Psychic Tara Video Interview

Date: 15.11.18 Author: Psychic Tara

Video Interview with Psychic Tara

Watch this delightful video interview with psychic Tara. She has always felt she was an old soul in a young body, and is a truly committed psychic medium and tarot reader, who loves sharing her gifts and insight to help empower others.

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