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image of a woman hanging upside down representing the Hanged Man tarot card

Date: 12.01.16 Author: Rose Smith

Tuesday Tarot from 12 January 2016

If you are feeling a little helpless just now, it won’t be forever this way. The Hanged Man Tarot Card indicates that it is wise to sit back and observe rather than rushing in right now. Let go so new things can enter your life and surrender to your own wisdom.

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image of naked woman with the wheel of fortune drawn on her back

Date: 05.01.16 Author: Rose Smith

Tuesday Tarot from 5 January 2016

Things are changing and finally going your way this week as the Wheel of Fortune Tarot card has been drawn by Rose Smith. Now is the time for taking on significant change such as travelling, starting a new career or an important relationship.

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image of the road showing moving from the year 2015 to 2016

Date: 31.12.15 Author: Rose Smith

Predictions for 2016 and Beyond

Want to know what’s happening in 2016? Then read Rose Smith’s predictions for the year 2016 and beyond. Find out what’s trending, what are the best job choices and so much more, to prepare yourself for 2016.

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image of a beautiful woman representing the future in 2016

Date: 31.12.15 Author: Rose Smith

The Future for 2016 Video

Want an overview of some of Rose Smith’s thoughts and psychic visions concerning the future? This video highlights the important trends emerging in 2016, including what are the best job prospects to pursue to help secure your future. Thought provoking!

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Image of Woman with a bat with pyramid behind her

Date: 28.02.23 Author: Rose Smith

Unleash Your Creative Potential with Page of Wands

The Page of Wands Tarot has been drawn this week and shows you have lots of ideas to achieve your goals. Don’t spend a lot of money or jump in boots and all just yet. Allow your creativity to emerge and write it down. All will come clear in time.

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image of a golden chalice with a crown representing the ace of cups tarot

Date: 21.12.15 Author: Rose Smith

Tuesday Tarot from 22 December 2015

This is a time where you are beginning to feel alive again, based on the Ace of Cups Tarot Card drawn this week. Spirit has recognised your efforts over the last year and now you will be rewarded. Soon your middle name will be ‘abundance’!

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10 of Cups tarot card

Date: 15.12.15 Author: Rose Smith

10 of Cups

The 10 of Cups Tarot card has been drawn this week and based on Rose Smith’s interpretation, it is time to stop worrying and start enjoying life! Something you have wanted for a long time is about to come to fruition.

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image of a woman sitting on the chariot representing the chariot card

Date: 07.12.15 Author: Rose Smith

Tuesday Tarot from 8 December 2015

You are feeling empowered and strong this week based on this week’s Tuesday Tarot. The Chariot Card has been drawn and interpreted by Rose Smith. Trust your instincts this week and you will make great strides all round!

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image of woman balancing in the air representing the fool tarot

Date: 23.11.15 Author: Rose Smith

Tuesday Tarot from 24 November 2015

The Fool Tarot Card has been drawn by Rose this week and the clear message is to listen to your inner voice! Avoid being wild and extravagant this week. If you are planning on a new venture, more preparation is required.

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image of beautiful woman dressed as a knight on a flying eagle

Date: 17.11.15 Author: Rose Smith

Tuesday Tarot from 17 November 2015

You may have been thinking about certain issues in your life and how you can overcome them. The Knight of Swords Tarot indicates that you should pay attention to your Emotions and your Spirit this week, and your head will figure it all out.

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