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image of roman man overpowering a woman slave

Date: 04.07.17 Author: Rose Smith

Tuesday Tarot from 4th July 2017

Are you feeling like life is a battle at the moment because you are surrounded by people who may be interfering to confuse you? Take back control. You may wish to confront these people. However, is it worth winning the argument?

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Date: 27.06.17 Author: Rose Smith

Tuesday Tarot from 27th June 2017

The Seven of Wands card shows that you are ready to fight for what you believe in. Believe in yourself! Have faith in your capabilities and move forward. If you are feeling challenged by people around you, stay on your path. You will come out on top!

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image of a woman with red hair holding a glowing sun on a tarot card

Date: 20.06.17 Author: Rose Smith

Tuesday Tarot from 20th June 2017

The Sun tarot card is all about self-expression and creativity. It is your time to shine again! If you have been in a dark place recently, put those woes behind you. The Sun is a reminder to live in the moment, enjoy life and explore your creativity.

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A happy woman celebrates her success

Date: 14.03.23 Author: Rose Smith

10 of Pentacles – Whoo Hoo Party!

Feeling drawn to this card? Well lucky you as very soon you start reaping the rewards for all your hard work. Your relationships and career are looking more solid and promising. There are more rewards to come!

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image of woman wearing a cap and holding a baseball bat

Date: 06.06.17 Author: Rose Smith

Tuesday Tarot from 6th June 2017

The Page of Wands card is surrounded with high energy and excitement around career and relationships. Let the Universe guide you… embrace the opportunities as they come your way. Be open minded to what the Universe has to offer you.

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image of woman with 7 of swords on tarot card

Date: 30.05.17 Author: Rose Smith

Tuesday Tarot from 30th May 2017

Feeling drawn to this card? Then you really are a great thinker and planner! When you are in a situation that involves other people, you try and read their minds to help you work out what you should do next. You are not to be underestimated!

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image of woman drinking a pint of beer wearing knight's clothing

Date: 22.05.17 Author: Rose Smith

Tuesday Tarot from 23rd May 2017

The Knight of Cups is showing you to trust your gut feelings and take action. This does not mean you need to ‘rush in’, especially when it comes to major decisions. Step back and call on your intuition to help you along the way.

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image of a beautiful queen wearing a blue silk gown

Date: 16.05.17 Author: Rose Smith

Tuesday Tarot from 16th May 2017

Feel drawn to the Queen of Swords? It signifies that you are an independent person who likes your own company. You are drawn to people who have brilliant minds rather than physical appearance. Take your time if you are looking for a relationship.

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rose smith on facebook live doing free psychic readings

Date: 13.05.17 Author: Rose Smith

Facebook Live 13th May 2017

Watch psychic Rose Smith as she answers questions about any situation. She invites guest psychic Andrew this week who reads for Absolute Soul Secrets. Tune in next time on the 3rd of June if you have a question where you need clarity or enlightenment.

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image of elegant woman in gown with 6 of pentacles

Date: 09.05.17 Author: Rose Smith

Tuesday Tarot from 9th May 2017

The Six of Pentacles has a multi layered meaning. If you are experiencing financial woes at the moment, help is on the way. Do you feel there is a power struggle in your relationship? Have an open discussion with your partner to find a happy balance.

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