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Tag: Personality Traits

Leo Job Tips

Job Tips for Leo

Date: 04.06.20 Author: Rose Smith

Natural leaders, Leos love to be the Kings and Queens of the jungle. Ruled by the Sun they radiate warmth and energy. Leos possess determination and stamina which helps you to get ahead. Your positivity brings out the best in others.

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Sagittarius Job Tips

Job Tips for Sagittarius

Date: 04.06.20 Author: Rose Smith

Sagittarians are well liked at work as they are normally generous and positive, boosting everyone’s spirits even when the work is hard or prolonged. Ruled by Jupiter, Sagittarians love adventure and optimism. Check out these job tips.

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image of gemini woman torn between red and blue clothe colours

What to Wear for your Starsign Gemini

Date: 20.10.15 Author: Rose Smith

You are fun and quirky Gemini, and you let your clothes reflect this wonderful trait in you. Whilst from the outside your style may seem to be all over the place, you simply dress to style to fit your mood. Bright, playful colours or jeans are your style.

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image of audrey hepburn lookalike reflecting a Taurus wardrobe style

What to Wear for your Starsign Taurus

Date: 13.10.15 Author: Rose Smith

Taurus you are sweet, feminine and gracious and you value quality in all aspects of your life, including your wardrobe. You feel more comfortable in natural looking clothing, but you do love fine fabrics and the odd splurge on designer shoes and handbags.

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image of Aries woman wearing simplistic dress in red

What to Wear for your Starsign Aries

Date: 06.10.15 Author: Rose Smith

Aries you have a zest for life and you are not afraid to try new things. Your fashion horoscope style is classic and simplistic. Red is your signature colour but we know you love other bright colours. Frills and ruffles is not your thing.

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image of pisces woman wearing pearls and conservative colours

What to Wear for your Starsign Pisces

Date: 29.09.15 Author: Rose Smith

Pisces you are the true romantic and your clothes reflect this too. Whilst you have a simplistic, ‘not over the top’ dressing style, you don’t mind dressing up like a princess. Choose soft fabrics and pale colours to enhance the beautiful person you are!

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image of quirky woman wearing scarf with checkered dress

What to Wear for your Starsign Aquarius

Date: 23.09.15 Author: Rose Smith

Aquarius ladies aren’t afraid to stand out in a crowd and love to experiment, especially with their clothing. They can usually pull off the styles that don’t work for other starsigns. Aquarians you are the fashion trendsetters!

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image of capricorn woman in comfy jeans and top

What to Wear for your Starsign Capricorn

Date: 21.09.15 Author: Rose Smith

Capricorns are all about effortless sophistication. They crave simplicity and fear clutter and complication. Capricorn women are conservative yet stylish and simplistic. Read more about your awesome classic style Capricorns!

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image of sagittarius woman wearing leopard print dress

What to Wear for your Starsign Sagittarius

Date: 14.09.15 Author: Rose Smith

Sagittarius women are fun, spontaneous and upbeat. They don’t like to feel restricted and they have no problem being noticed for their fashion sense. Sagittarians like to balance their wild side with polished, practical clothing that embodies their spirit.

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