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woman trying to change the dressing style of her guy

Date: 03.03.24 Author: Rose Smith

Trying to Change Him

You’ve recently met a man and are getting along pretty well. He’s nice, and you guys have fun together, but there’s a list of things you wish you could change about him. Sound familiar? Ask yourself these questions in this article.

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image of cinderella sitting on the steps with a pumpkin

Date: 26.05.24 Author: Rose Smith

Breaking Free: Don’t Wait to Be Rescued

Little girls have read dozens of fairy tale stories that involve a handsome prince rescuing a princess who’s longing for romance and passion. But some girls grow up to be women who can’t separate a fantasy from reality.

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image of crying woman with an empty purse

Date: 12.06.15 Author: Rose Smith

5 Signs He Is In It For The Money

If you find you are always footing the bill when you are with your partner, it might be a good idea to check in on your relationship. Read these 5 Signs to help you determine if he in it for the money or is your relationship a real love connection.

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Image of woman with sign saying help!

Date: 05.03.23 Author: Rose Smith

Get Your Ex Back Quickly – Are You Sure You Want To?

How are you supposed to devote your heart and soul to your husband, wife or partner if you’re still in love with your ex? Having feelings for an ex while you’re married or committed can throw your emotions into a tormented whirlwind.

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image of lollipops with the word love written on them

Date: 20.05.24 Author: Rose Smith

Addicted to Love

Love is a drug, and anyone who is addicted will suffer from severe withdrawal symptoms. Being a loving, supportive friend is the best thing you can do. Read the signs of love addiction in this interesting article.

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image of paper family in front of paper cut out house

Date: 30.04.24 Author: Rose Smith

Navigating the Landscape of a Blended Family

No matter what happens to divorce rates in the coming years, the blended family structure is here to stay. Both parents and children involved in a blended family need to come to terms with their situation and learn how to make the most of it.

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image of man looking afraid of a woman berating him

Date: 24.04.15 Author: Rose Smith

Men Are Not Really Afraid of Relationships

Most women can remember a time when they were seeing a guy who ended things because he wasn’t “ready for a relationship.” But a few weeks after cutting things off, that man was in a relationship with another woman. What gives?

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image of young woman with sleeping partner

Date: 21.03.15 Author: Rose Smith

Trusting Your Intuition in Relationships

Most women find their intuition incredibly accurate on many occasions. Intuition is both a blessing and a curse – it can help you recognise when a relationship is on the rocks, but it can also convince you of things that aren’t true.

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Online Dating Australia

Date: 06.02.15 Author: Rose Smith

Online Dating Australia – Do’s and Don’ts

We are so busy in today’s world that many of us are turning to the internet to find our perfect partner. Online dating can be fun, and it’s a great way to meet people too. Read our trusty Do’s and Don’ts Tips to Online Dating.

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image of happy couple lying in bed

Date: 27.03.15 Author: Rose Smith

5 Things To Do Before You Sleep with Him

Have you been left wondering why he hasn’t called you the day after you have slept with him? To avoid that awkward conversation the morning after, read these five things every woman should do before she sleeps with a man.

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