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symbolic images of taoism and feng shui

Date: 11.02.15 Author: Judith

I Ching Wisdom Oracle for the Whole World

Would you like to know more about a book of philosophy in oracle format, which has been in constant use since 2,850 BC? Would you like to gain advice about how to take a balanced, workable approach, in any given situation?

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image of i ching coins and cards

Date: 27.09.13 Author: Judith

Using the Tarot and the I Ching

The Tarot contains symbolic pictures that relate to common human experiences and also provide visual clues about interpretation. I Ching however, gives solutions in text form to universal challenging situations we all face.

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image of i ching coins and feng shui chart

Date: 22.09.13 Author: Judith

Feng Shui and I Ching Symbols

The symbolic images of the I Ching relate specifically to patterns within nature such as a landscaped area or garden. The natural Taoist philosophy on which this is based, is also the basis of Feng Shui.

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