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image of people jumping from a medieval tower

Date: 01.03.16 Author: Rose Smith

Tuesday Tarot from 1 March 2016

Sudden and unexpected changes are now entering your life. Things may seem chaotic and tumultuous for you right now, but this is the shakeup you need to have! Ultimately, it’s to your benefit to go through these changes. Go with the flow.

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image of woman in gold skirt surrounded by 4 of cups

Date: 23.02.16 Author: Rose Smith

Tuesday Tarot from 23 February 2016

You may be ‘wishful thinking’ about someone or something at the moment, but this is a time to count your blessings. The 4 of Cups has been drawn this week, and Rose Smith is receiving the message, “be grateful for what you have”.

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woman sitting blindfolded holding scales representing the Justice tarot card

Date: 09.02.16 Author: Rose Smith

Tuesday Tarot from 9 February 2016

The Justice Tarot Card has been drawn this week by Rose Smith. A timely reminder to not blame yourself for when something appears to be unfair or unjust. It really is true that ‘what goes around, comes around’. Trust in the Universe to do its job.

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image of woman with a wolf howling at the moon

Date: 02.02.16 Author: Rose Smith

Tuesday Tarot from 2 February 2016

Your subconscious may be bringing up past energies that need to be gently transformed and released. Whilst you may be feeling some confusion, allow the natural healing forces to take over and effect the healing you need. You will feel better for it.

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image of tarot cards

Date: 28.09.15 Author: Rose Smith

Tuesday Tarot from 29 September 2015

This is the week to put yourself first for a change! Rose Smith has drawn the 7 of Wands Tarot Card and she advises you to stick up for yourself! Someone may be having a go at you right now, but move ahead and you will be successful despite them.

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