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Tag: Clairvoyance – See into the Future

clairvoyance demonstrated by this image of a woman in pink and purple with 3rd eye opening


Date: 09.04.24 Author: Rose Smith

Clairvoyance simply means “clear sight”. Our Psychic Readers can see spirits, guides, past, present and future. For some readers, clairvoyance is similar to watching television, and the images often pass by very quickly. But this is one psychic ability that helps them to tune into your situation.

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image of beautiful woman wearing mask in the dark

Psychic Abilities – We all Have Them!

Date: 01.03.23 Author: Rose Smith

Have you ever wondered how to develop, increase or reveal your psychic secrets and talents? Maybe you haven’t even considered yourself psychic in any manner whatsoever? Or you may not know what being psychic actually means.

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Clairvoyance – Seeing Past, Present & Future

Clairvoyance, derived from the French words “clair” (clear) and “voyance” (vision), refers to the spiritual ability to acquire information beyond the normal sensory perception of sight. It is also a type of extrasensory perception that involves ‘clear sight’ in Spirit.

Those with this gift can see events, people, or situations in the spiritual domain. It’s like having an inner vision that transcends ordinary sensory perception. Whether glimpsing spirits, energy fields, or symbolic images, clairvoyants tap into a mysterious and fascinating dimension beyond our everyday reality.

Rose Smith
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