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clairvoyance demonstrated by this image of a woman in pink and purple with 3rd eye opening

Date: 09.04.24 Author: Rose Smith


Clairvoyance simply means “clear sight”. Our Psychic Readers can see spirits, guides, past, present and future. For some readers, clairvoyance is similar to watching television, and the images often pass by very quickly. But this is one psychic ability that helps them to tune into your situation.

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the words "set boundaries" in calligraphy written on a notebook

Date: 04.03.24 Author: Rose Smith

The Importance of Setting Healthy Boundaries in Psychic Readings

Healthy boundaries in psychic readings are essential for maintaining a safe and professional environment. These boundaries define the spiritual space where both the reader and client can be themselves without compromising integrity. It’s important to protect your energy too.

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