What to Wear for your Starsign Sagittarius

image of sagittarius woman wearing leopard print dress

Sagittarius women are fun, spontaneous and upbeat. They don’t like to feel restricted, especially by their clothing, but they have no problem being noticed by friends or strangers. Sagittarians like to balance their wild side with polished, practical clothing that embodies their free spirit.

Menswear and athletic-inspired pieces are a Sagittarius’ bread and butter. They rock the casual chic look like no one else can. Every Sagittarius should own a black tuxedo jacket that they can dress up or dress down and several pairs of loosely fitting trousers. Sagittarius can pull off sportier pieces too, like a varsity jacket, jersey or tennis shoes.

Sagittarius’s love light, bright colours, like yellows and peaches. They also like bright blues and purples, as well as orange and white. They aren’t afraid of patterns and will wear plaids, stripes and animal prints without thinking twice. When she’s feeling extra bold, Sagittarius will mix two patterns in the same color scheme for an aesthetic punch.

Every Sagittarius woman should have a closet stocked full of basics – like plain white t-shirts, leggings and boyfriend jeans. They love softer fabrics and, when it comes to accessories, Sagittarius keeps it minimal. Smaller, neutral bags work well with any outfit, and only one or two pieces of jewellery at a time keeps their outfits uncomplicated. A true Sagittarius will naturally avoid beading, rhinestones and sequins as these details feel too fussy and over the top.

Sagittarians value comfort more than most signs – slip-on shoes, flowy tops and looser bottoms are easy to throw on at a moment’s notice and allow for a full range of movement.

Katie Holmes, Taylor Swift and Amanda Seyfried are three famous Sagittarians who love mixing basic pieces of clothing with bright colours and bold prints. Their flirtatious personalities are captured with romantic pieces and subtle details.

Author: Rose Smith