Star Sign Traits

image of archer woman with bow & arrow fantasy style

Date: 22.11.14 Author: Rose Smith

Sagittarius Star Sign: Exploring this Adventurous & Optimistic Fire Sign

Guess what you splendid Sagittarians? Our starsign spotlight on you reveals that you are optimistic, pure hearted and are believed to be followed by good luck. Who wouldn’t want to hang out with a Sagittarian?

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image of scorpio woman with scorpion handbag fantasy

Date: 27.10.14 Author: Rose Smith

Scorpio Star Sign: Unveiling the Mysterious & Passionate Water Sign Qualities

Hello to all you courageous and loyal Scorpios. Did you know that you are extremely empathetic to all situations? You are more watchful than others and extremely creative too. Read more about your fabulous self here.

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image of libran woman holding scales fantasy

Date: 25.09.14 Author: Rose Smith

Libra Star Sign Sign: Exploring the Beautiful & Loving Air Sign Qualities

It’s your turn Libra to read some awesome facts about you! Check out this article about all your loveable Libran traits. Go ahead and read on…it will make you feel great about yourself.

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image of fantasy style virgo woman on blue background

Date: 18.09.14 Author: Rose Smith

Virgo Star Sign – Exploring Their Complex and Fascinating Personality Traits

The spotlight is still on you Virgo! Read some fun facts about your personality, your starsign compatibility, the best job types for you and other famous Virgos who share your wonderful traits.

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