Psychic Readings for Spiritual Growth

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Hear Ye! Hear Ye! Hear Ye! Psychic readings for spiritual growth – come one call all and get yours today!  Hear Ye! Hear Ye! Hear Ye!

A ‘reading’, also known as divination or scrying, is an excellent personal development tool which can provide the querant (person requesting reading) with an overview of current events, future possibilities and provide insight into our lives.

If using a reading to assist with spiritual development, there are some important steps to first consider:

1. Courage, commitment and willingness to learn and grow.

Spiritual growth is a never-ending journey requiring courage and commitment. The individual must want to learn and grow, and be prepared for challenges. It takes courage to face aspects of ourselves that could do with personal development. Maybe more kindness towards others and self could be shown, or it may be appropriate to become more compassionate or loving towards others. It also takes commitment to continue to grow and learn to be the best we can, most particularly when faced with adversity.

“The fatal metaphor of progress, which means leaving things behind us, has utterly obscured the real idea of growth, which means leaving things inside us.”

– G.K. Chesterton

2. Willingly open up to new perspectives and possibilities.

In a nutshell spiritual growth is the expansion of our self, soul or spirit. It’s what happens when we discover who we are, who we are not, how we limit ourselves, and what makes us tick.  As we grow so we become self-aware or self-actualised.

A reading can provide the individual (according to their current mindset) with an overview of their life now, future possibilities, and what has come to pass.  However for a reading to be truly successful both the reader and the querant need to participate. The reader must want to provide guidance, be grounded and centred, and the querant be receptive to new perspectives and possibilities.

Skeptics and those wanting to ‘test’ a psychic will generally receive a vague reading because their own issues as well as their intention, creates a barrier. Ask the right questions.

The more focused the querant is on a significant issue the easier it is for the reader to ‘tune in’ and provide greater clarity and guidance.

Examples of statements and probing questions to ask could be

“I’m a failure at attracting the right kind of mate.  What is it that I need to do now for me to attract the right one?”

“I procrastinate about learning about my financial wealth.  What is preventing me from becoming more financially secure?”

“I’m feeling confused and stuck – what is the best path open to me now?”

“Why are people living better lives than me?  What makes their lives so happy compared to mine?”

Remember if there is something you’d rather not hear, then it is best not to ask.

4. Spend time in quiet inner contemplation afterwards.

After a reading spend quiet time in self-examination. Every event in life, whether perceived to be negative or positive, is an opportunity for growth.

The next time you have a reading, spend time afterwards reflecting on what was revealed and become aware of the role you played or possibly will play in the foreseeable future. You then have the opportunity to access your free will and choice.

5. Work towards developing positive strategies to create the changes you would like to have happen.

We are the creators of our own reality so when we create positive changes it has a ripple effect that spreads out far and wide.

Sometimes during a reading the individual may hear something they wished they didn’t. Instead of dwelling on this news, ask “How can this help me in regards to my spiritual growth?” Your answer may appear as an image, a sound, symbol, or feeling – notice any differences.

6. Know everyone has free will and choice to do, or not to do.

Asking the question whether a reading is accurate assumes the future is set. However because free will and choice plays an active role in all that we think and do the future is what you make it through your free will and choices. A reading highlights possibilities, the querant then has a choice of either ignoring what they hear or choose to act on that information.

7. Be patient and allow for change to happen.

If predictions have been made, allow some time for the changes to come all the while continuing to work toward creating positive changes. Insecurities, fear and panic can play a role in how a reading is accepted.  Some people may have many readings until they hear what they want to hear, or they received a vague answer possibly because the question was ambiguous.

By having a reading for the purpose of spiritual growth, potentials are revealed which the querant has the opportunity to start working on.

If you keep the points above in mind when you have a psychic reading, you will get the most out of your reading. A good reading can have positive and far reaching effects on your life and be remembered for years to come. We evolve and expand our consciousness.

Author: Psychic Michaela