Which Animal Are You?

Discover More About Your Personality!

Did you know that when you are drawn to certain people, places, images or animals, it is often a reflection of our own personality?

Why not take the personality test yourself with our fun “Which Animal Are You” interpretations below?

images of 12 animals to discover your personality

These animals have been personally chosen and interpreted by Rose Smith, so you might discover a few surprises and greater insight into your personality.

Simply choose the animal you feel most drawn to (numbered 1 to 12) and then read the interpretations below.

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Which Animal Are You Interpretations

No. 1 The Cat

You are an independent Spirit that does not like to be tied down too much. Although curiosity and adventure flow through your veins, you can also be affectionate and gentle when the time is right, preferring to stay at home with your loved ones. You are intelligent and insightful with an intuitive knowing of what is really going on in any given situation. Like a cat, there is an ‘ethereal air’ about you as you dwell between this physical existence and the Spiritual dimensions. Cats are witches’ familiars and so you have the vibration of Spiritual knowing. Always listen to inner voice because your natural instincts are good. Enjoy your feminine power, which is very attractive, sometimes to the point of being mystical.

No. 2 The Dog

What a loyal and loving companion you are! You possess the power of unconditional love and forgiveness. Your heart is definitely in the right place, but don’t allow others to take advantage of your good and kind nature. Sometimes you may be too eager to give your heart away to others too easily. Be patient and adopt and wait and see attitude before you rush into relationships. You are capable of great self sacrifice when your friends and loved ones need you. Faithfulness is your middle name and you seek to protect those you love, even sometimes to your own detriment. You are a reliable and trustworthy Soul who wishes to help others.

No. 3 The Dolphin

Hello Flipper! What a bright and bubbly personality you are! Always a smile on your dial, you bring out the happiness in others and because of this you can expect to attract many friends throughout your lifetime. People intuitively recognise your charm and grace, even when you’re under pressure. Although you are often playful and fun, you should not be underestimated as a source of power and strength. You handle yourself well even in difficult situations and people often follow your lead, trusting you to find a way out of problems. You do your best to help others and you are usually successful in whatever you attempt to do. Added to all this you are smart, generous and kind….what more could anyone want?

No. 4 The Lion

You like to be King or Queen of all you survey….and rightly so with your strong leadership, good intelligence and common sense. Taking orders from others who know less than you just doesn’t sit properly with you so you need to get yourself into a situation where you are your own boss running your own show. Listen to your own intuition, deep down it is guiding you, even if your head sometimes gets in the way. You also have ‘legendary’ mothering instincts, nurturing others which brings out their best talents and natural abilities. You are strong even when under stress and you will fight to protect those you care about. As you mature, your natural courage and authority will increase so don’t be concerned if you can’t always immediately connect with these qualities….time is on your side.

No. 5 The Butterfly

You are almost ‘famous’ for your flights of fancy and active imagination. You like to fritter away time with ideas that are fun to play with. However there is a very useful side to this activity, it helps the underlying transformation that is going on underneath the surface of your life. You make big leaps when you decide to move ahead and these changes have been laying just below your consciousness in a state of metamorphosis. Then bingo…out they pop and change is on! You ride the cycles of life more easily than other people and it’s important to know that your Soul is in control. Just trust yourself and listen to that quiet inner voice. Having fun is important so don’t allow others to drag you down to earth too much. Enjoy your life!

No. 6 The Eagle

You have picked this animal because you are a high flyer! You aspire to greatness and wish to see the big picture of whatever it is you’ve got your eye upon. You soar high into the mental realms with brilliantly creative ideas but you’re also a stickler for details so the finer points don’t escape your close scrutiny. As a visionary with your eye on the ball, you have an unusual talent for putting your high ideals into practice. You value freedom and wish to do your own thing in your own time, so stick to your guns because this is right for you. Often there is a spiritual aspect to your achievements raising them above the ordinary and mundane. Others are attracted to your strong spiritual power and your far-reaching brilliance. Your strength of character is legendary; you just need to believe in yourself.

No. 7 The Owl

Oh wise one…you have great intelligence and know how to use it. People sense your natural wisdom that often comes from experiences beyond your years. This can be ‘inherited’ from past lives and sometimes you can’t figure out how you ‘know’ what’s going to happen in certain situations before they occur. Always listen to yourself (yes you do know this already). You have an uncanny ability to see both the big picture and the details so you can be both a visionary and a craftsman simultaneously, using your creativity and intuition to come up with clever ideas, which you put into practice. Always look for the subtle signs in the big picture and you can’t go too far off track from there. You ride the winds of change and see reality when life turns to night…even then you know the morning is coming and all will be well.

No. 8 The Fish

A symbol of Spirit, the fish precedes the time of Christ as a messenger of the unconscious. Early Christians adopted the sign of the Fish or Ichthus (from the Greek word for fish) to represent hidden knowledge not generally available to the masses. If you have picked this animal, you are in touch with subconscious forces and you will have insight into the deeper subtle meaning of life. Fish are also symbolic of fertility and transformation, so you are ripe for new projects and new beginnings. These feminine waters run deep, so you may begin to access deeper parts of yourself that you were previously unaware of. This may bring unexpected natural abilities and gifts which you can develop and harvest at a later date…..well done!

No. 9 The Rabbit

A sign of abundance who likes to produce. When you’re on a roll, nothing stops you doing what you want to do, you just need to get into the ‘mood’ to do it. You can be a prodigious worker giving your all to a job or project. You are ‘fertile’ and creative and this just doesn’t relate to having children, it flows into many areas of your life. You can be vulnerable which can be a good thing as Spirit can flow more easily into your life. Just don’t project your inner fears into the outside world…confront them within so you can become comfortable again. You are bound to have lots of activity, friends and family around you throughout your life. Just take time out to reconnect with yourself from time to time. Good luck and sexual appeal often are found with people who choose the sign of Rabbit.

No. 10 The Whale

Hope you are having a whale of a time….everything about your Spirit is BIG, BIG, BIG! You have a big heart that you like to share with others and a big personality to match. You are King/Queen of the deep unconscious waters navigating sometimes difficult emotions and events in your life. You go where ‘angels fear to tread’ possessing an abundance of natural courage as you allow your Soul to lead you through life. Sometimes you may have ‘flashes’ of past lives or intuitive knowings about situations…you should always listen to your feelings because invariably they are correct in some form. You are intimately connected to the cosmos through your emotions, so regard even unpleasant emotions as your “keys to the universe”. Explore your feelings, which can act as a vehicle to greater spiritual development, thus inspiring others you meet on your journey through life.

No. 11 The Horse

You are powerful and seek to get ahead in the world. You will help others when they too want to move forward in life. Often teenage girls dream about horses as they come into puberty, reflecting their newfound sexual power and you too exude this natural sexual drive which others often recognise, even if you don’t yourself. Sometimes you can appear ‘driven’ to a course of action and will stop at nothing to get the end result you’re looking for. You can be alone or with others as you choose, but you will eventually return to the herd or your family when you are ready. Passion is your middle name and you often experience very strong emotions that you may need to ‘rein’ in from time to time.

No. 12 The Snake

You are sometimes misunderstood by others, especially your family and those you love. It’s because like a snake, you transform yourself by shedding your outer skin. Periodically, you will go through a time of change, and people around you don’t understand that you are growing rapidly through a self-development cycle. They can’t keep up with your changes which are often a series of intense learnings about life and love. Be grateful for these transformations, as they allow enhanced life force and chi energy to flow through you. These changes are life promoting for you and in time you will be able to help others from what you have experienced. You have the power to be a potent healer and your power symbol is the Caduceus.

Meditate on your chosen animal and see how this choice reflects an inner subconscious force moving through your life right now. At some point, please come back again to this oracle and choose another animal to meditate upon. You will be able to watch your spiritual growth and evolution as you choose different animals from the animal kingdom above.

Author: Rose Smith