What is Colour Therapy

image of the chakras on meditating silhouette

Colour Therapy is the use of colour to assist the body with it’s own natural ability to heal itself. When light enters our eyes, the light energy of colour is carried to the centre of the brain. It affects the chakras and stimulates the pituitary and pineal glands, which causes the glands to secrete hormones; this in turn affects our physical activity, emotional and mental states.

Just like x-rays and radio waves, colour also has a measurable vibration of energy. Each colour has it’s own vibrational rate with the longest ray at the red end of the spectrum and the shortest waves at the purple end. Each part of our body resonates to a different colour vibration and we can use these colours to harmonise our bodies and restore equilibrium. To operate at our best, we need to have the correct balance of all the rainbow colours in our energetic system.

If we are depleted in one colour energy, another may be too dominant, which can cause imbalance and disharmony. If we are drained and tired, we can choose colours that will stimulate our energy, when anxious, colours that are calming can be beneficial. When we need loving and nurturing in our lives, gentle colours can be of assistance and when feeling vulnerable wearing protective colours may help not to allow unwanted energies to attach to us.

When going through changes in our lives, we can be drawn to new and different colours to what we are generally accustomed to. By incorporating these colours into our lives, we are allowing the transition to be easier.

There are many different ways to practically incorporate Colour Therapy into our lives.  Some of these include:

  • Coloured energised water
  • Flower essences
  • Chromatherapy
  • Colour puncture
  • Colour baths
  • Food
  • Interior colour
  • Flowers
  • Solar ray therapy
  • Colour breathing and visualisation
  • Crystals and gems
  • My favourite – colour through clothing and jewellery

Colour can be absorbed into our bodies through our clothing and glass jewellery by acting as a filter through which the light passes.  I also manufacture Colour Solutions Jewellery which will be available through the e-shop of this website shortly.  This jewellery is specially infused with spiritual energy to aid healing and growth.

The psychological effect of the colour has a powerful effect impact both on ourselves, and the people around us.

Colours and Colour Therapy Qualities

Red – Relates to the base chakra and is connected to our physical being and the act of doing. Red is motivation, passion and strength. Red helps to give us vitality, courage, inner strength, self-confidence and encourages us to achieve our goals. It gives us the power to pursue our dreams.

Orange – This chakra is connected to our emotional and feeling self. Orange qualities are joy, happiness and being sociable and can help with depression and releasing anxieties. Orange is friendly, warm hearted and optimistic. Orange gives us the courage to face the consequences of our actions.

Yellow – The Solar Plexus Chakra is connected to our mental and thinking self. Yellow qualities are optimism, intelligence and being mentally creative. Yellow helps with memory, mental fatigues, nervousness and clarity. Yellow focuses attention and acts promptly.

Green – The heart chakra is connected to our loving self. Green is harmony, kindness, sensitivity, emotional balancing, love, understanding and growth. Use green to calm down and bring peace into our bodies. Green supports self-acceptance and helps us learn the lesson of love.

Blue – The throat chakra is connected to our expressive self. Some of the qualities of blue are honesty, politeness, creative self-expression and will, detailed planning and organisation. Blue helps with communication and aids in mental relaxation, giving you peace of mind. Use blue to soothe tired nerves.

Indigo – The brow chakra is connected to our universal seeing self. Some of the qualities of indigo are wisdom, truth, seeking and intuition. Indigo is related to the pineal gland, inner vision and the imagination. It is used to heal the aura. It helps with increasing dream activity and with remembering dreams.

Violet – The crown chakra is connected to our knowing and spiritual self. Some of the qualities are inspiration, charisma, being able to see the beauty in life and purification of thoughts and feelings. Violet increases artistic and creative abilities. DaVinci and Einstein used violet energy for inspiration. It is also used to stimulate the endocrine system, lymphatic and central nervous system.

Author: Kate Guthrie