What Does Your Future Hold Earth Elements Oracle

Consult Our Earth Elements Oracle – Earth, Fire, Wind, Water

What does your future hold? Consult our Earth Element Oracle Scapes below to determine the predominant energies in your life and gain an insight to your future.

Think of an issue that is important to you, and then pick an image below that you feel most drawn to (numbered 1 to 12). The image you choose below reflects your current situation. The energy on either side of the landscape you choose represents your past and future. Past is the previous number and future is the next number.

earth, fire, wind and water landscape images

These element scapes have been personally chosen and interpreted by Rose Smith.

The Earth Oracle Element images above represent Earth (1, 2, 3), Fire (4, 5, 6), Wind (7, 8, 9) and Water (10, 11, 12).

Read the meaning of your chosen element scape

The first image you are drawn to represents your current situation. For example, you choose the Number 8 Wind Element. Scroll down and read Number 8 (the present) Number 7 (the past) and Number 9 (the future).

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Element Scape Meanings

No. 1 Earth with some Water

You have reached a point of stability after an emotionally turbulent time. Peace is coming to you, so sit back and relax for a while. Your subconscious is preparing you for a quieter time, with those closest to you bringing you security and happiness. This is a time for thinking, chillaxing and enjoying yourself at home. Enjoy the benefits of domestic tranquility and soon you will have the strength and vigour for more outgoing pursuits. This is also a great time to think about improving your health. Both Earth and Water are feminine energies so now is not a time for action, it’s a time of rest. Earth is related to the direction of north whilst Water is related to the west.

No. 2 Earth

A new dawn reigns over your health and your body generally. Spiritual energies are with you to change your body and/or your home. Now is a time like no other to make graceful physical changes and get things the way you want. Thinking about dieting or going on an exercise program? Go ahead right now and make friends with your body. You may also be thinking of renovating or moving house so start to put those plans into play. Now is also a great time to plan a new interior decor or a new gardening project. Earth is a feminine force and your relationships with women may improve. You may also attract money and/or gifts without any special effort on your part. Earth is related to the direction of north.

No. 3 Earth with some Fire

After a time of R & R, you are coming into a time of creativity and inspiration. The fires of new ideas and passion within you are stirred and you may find yourself having some rather brilliant flashes. Pay attention to these as they light the way for new and exciting times in your life. It’s a time of getting ready to clear out old structures and people who don’t belong around you anymore. Think about what you want to change and get rid of. You may find yourself clearing out your wardrobe and having a general tidy up and clear out around the house or at work. Earth is a feminine force while Fire is masculine so if you can get these two in alignment, you’ll soon achieve great things. Earth is related to the direction of north whilst Fire is south.

No 4. Fire with some Earth

Your passions begin to take shape in the physical world. You are beginning to put your ideas into practice, there is still work to be done but at least there is some sort of action on your part. You may be talking about your ideas and plans and working out the best way to achieve what you want. The wheels are in motion and new projects are finally underway. New people may enter your life now and are likely to ‘shake’ you up a bit but this isn’t a bad thing, as they will allow underlying tensions to be released. Fire is a masculine energy and Earth is a feminine force, so if you can do work it right, you may find yourself accomplishing a lot more in the physical world. Fire is associated with the direction of south and Earth is associated with the north.

No 5. All Fire

This Fire angel positively ignites your Spirit. You are a force to be reckoned with. Your inspirational ideas are firing so thick and fast you may find yourself having problems sleeping due to racing thoughts. Don’t be concerned however because the time is coming when you can use your thoughts to get a handle on this passion. You will be able in future to control the forces that can drive you to exhaustion. Use your driven nature to accomplish much. You may also find some of your relationships taking on a very sexual tone. If there is no suitable outlet for sexual expression, you may become peevish and irritable. Sexual frustration may become unbearable for some so do be careful about unsuitable liaisons. Fire is a masculine energy so you may attract new men into your life. Fire is associated with the south direction.

No 6. Fire with some Wind

Your passions are still very strong and compelling, however now with the energies of logic and reason you are gaining some control. Your passions will soon be in the palm of your hand and you will be able to harness them as never before. This is great news as you are learning ‘Mastership of your life’. You have the ‘fire in your belly’, a structure in which to hold that fire and the physical ability to make it real. It’s all very exciting and promises a positive and profound change in your current situation with some relief from previous tensions. Relationships are looking more positive and taking form. As Fire and Wind are both male energies, new relationships are more likely to be with men. Fire is associated with the direction of south whilst Wind is associated with the east.

No 7. Wind with some Fire

Your passions are being fanned into full-blown concepts, well thought out with advanced planning underway. Relationships that started with a lot of chemistry are becoming more interesting as you discover you may actually have a lot of things in common with this person. There is a lot to talk about as you exchange intellectual ideas leading to fascinating conversations. You two could become very good friends. Wind and Fire are both male energies and any new relationships are more likely to be with men. Fire is associated with the direction of south whilst Wind is associated with the east. This new relationship could even be with a male part of yourself!

No 8. All Wind

Picking this image indicates a lot of change going on in your thinking. You could be changing your mind constantly about all sorts of things, which is a little unnerving at times. Maybe you can’t quite make up your mind so just bide your time and don’t rush anything. Life is very changeable just at the moment so try not to commit to anything until you feel clear, especially decisions relating to legal or financial matters. Just breathe and use that breath of life energy to calm you down a little before you make a decision. Don’t take on board too seriously what other people say; make up your own mind in your own time. Wind is a male energy that relates to the direction of east. Remember, slow and steady wins the race.

No 9. Wind and some Water

Changes in your life are affecting you emotionally or vice versa your emotions are affecting your life! Life is certainly a bit like a choppy sea just now and sometimes it might feel hard going as you attempt to sail your way through tumultuous waves. There is a lot of power here if you can use your emotions to get you where you want to go. For example, sometimes anger can spur us forward to make changes. Listen to both your head and your heart because they are both giving you important information about deep subconscious energies being whipped up by your thoughts. This image may indicate problems with someone from the past or with a family member about something that happened a long time ago. Wind is a male energy relating to the east and Water is a female energy relating to the west.

No 10. Water with some Wind

You’re in the process of moving from deep subconscious energies to understanding and rational thinking. It’s been happening for some time but perhaps you didn’t understand what was rising up in you, a whole new way of looking at things with new insight. Finally your head is catching up with your heart and the light of reason is beginning to shine brightly, giving you new solutions to old problems. Your fluid emotions are integrating with the winds of change. Water is a feminine energy related to west whilst Wind is a male energy associated with the east. Together these opposite forces are helping and healing you from within. Expect people to help you and be more understanding of your current situation. Although you are experiencing some changes in your life, try not to worry, it’s going to turn out all right and if you look within, you will find that out for yourself.

No 11. All Water

You’re about to dive deep into your subconscious. Down, down, down you go not knowing what you will find. It can feel scary going within, encountering all those dormant feelings that you’ve been pushing down for so long. However, it’s a journey at some point we all must make. Yes it can be dark but as you move through time and space you can shine your own light in front of you, finding a path to tread. It can be lonely because no one except you can do this for yourself. Keep shining that light and somewhere, sometime along the path you will find a very valuable gift that you can bring back up to the surface of your mind to enhance your life. Water is a feminine force that is associated with the west so sometimes this journey can feel like something is dying just like the sun setting at the end of the day. Just remember for new energies to come into your life, you have to let go and go with the flow. Good luck and I know you’re going to make it and do well.

No 12. Water with some Earth

You’ve been on quite a wild ride lately….but now things are settling and you are about to ground some quite wonderful ideas into physical creation. Congratulations for sticking with your plans. The birth of inspiration and creativity right through to conception of ideas that work and now the physical manifestations of your plan. You’re quite clever really! Now that you’ve got this far, your outlook is quite bright. You may find helpful people (especially women) coming into your life and it’s also a time for socialising and having fun along the way. Drop some seriousness and enjoy yourself just a little because you’ve earned it! Both Water and Earth are feminine forces so be receptive and allow new energies to enter your life to help you manifest your plans. Water is associated with the west and Earth is associated with the north.

Now you’ll never look at the 4 elements quite the same way again – know that you are looking at and experiencing a force of nature that has a message for you about intimate details of your life.

Author: Rose Smith