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What Do Angels Look Like?

image of beautiful angel woman holding heart

All About Angels

Angels have a long and colourful history and are mentioned in many religions including Christianity, Islam and Judaism. Biblical scriptures reveal that ten orders of angels were created to rule the universe and help humanity.

What Do Angels Look Like?

Many people want to know ‘What do Angels Look Like?’ Angels can take different forms. They often appear to people in a form that those people can best understand. This of course might be the traditional form of having wings, usually white in color and wearing long robes. Or they could appear more as ‘Earth Angels’, angels that have been sent to Earth to incarnate as humans.  So these angels are real people with a higher purpose in life to help others spiritually evolve.

Angels can sometimes even appear being dark and malevolent, so these ones are known as ‘fallen angels’ or ‘evil angels’ perhaps. But their job is still the same, to help people spiritually evolve. Usually, in this case, it’s a much harder road to travel.

The Seraphim and Cherubim

Winged creatures who support the Throne Angels of God. The Thrones ensure spiritual energies pass throughout all spiritual realms and they act as conduits to the physical world. They are great to call upon if you want to connect more strongly with Spirit.

In the book of Ezekiel, there’s a fascinating vision of celestial beings known as cherubim. These angelic creatures are described as having “wheels within wheels.” The imagery is intricate: each wheel sparkles like diamonds in the sun, and they move in perfect alignment with the cherubim. Some interpretations suggest that these wheels represent divine mobility and omniscience. They serve as part of God’s chariot, emphasizing His presence and watchfulness. The concept of wheels within wheels evokes mystery, cosmic order, and the intricate workings of the divine realm.

Some people think these are spaceships, Rose Smith thinks that’s possible but it’s also equally possible these wheels within  wheels are chakras as she has seen this vision in spirit a number of times.

The Dominion Angels

Represent leadership and they regulate the duties of other angels. If you are in a leadership position, then the Dominions can be helpful.

The Principalities

Guardian Angels of cities and nations and they decide who will rule. Call them for Peace on Earth! They also govern commerce, politics and trade between nations.

The Angelic Order of Powers

Keep the universe in balance, distribute power on earth and rule over life and death. Think of these guys if you feel ungrounded, powerless and out of balance or if you’re worried about life and death issues.

The Virtues

“The Brilliant or The Shining Ones” control the elements. They govern all nature, controlling the seasons and the sun. These angels provide courage, grace and miracles to human beings and inspire art and science. When you need extraordinary help or wish to pray to minimize the effects of global warming, think of these Angels. Some Virtues are Uzziel, Barbiel, Haniel and Tarshish, call them by name!


The best known and most powerful Angels. They are also in charge of Guardian Angels. There are seven familiar Archangels Michael, Gabriel, Raphael, Uriel, Raguel, Sariel and the fallen Lucifer (whose name means Light, obviously named before he fell!). There are also several lesser known Archangels such as Metatron, Raziel and Sariel.

According to the Book of Enoch, The Fallen Angels were ‘sons of God who fell to earth’. They took women as wives who produced giant children known as the Nephilim or Titans. Apparently they weren’t supposed to do this, but found human women too irresistible to decline the opportunity. They also taught the psychic arts, astronomy, meteorology, cosmetology, war strategies and herbal remedies to their wives before the Great Flood.

The Fallen Angels

Taught ‘secrets’ to humans which resulted in humans becoming self aware and conscious for the first time. Previously people lived in the ‘Garden of Eden’ as spiritual babes so to speak and had no knowledge of self or individuality.

Angels are celestial beings who are closer to humans than any other angel. They act as intermediaries between God and humanity. These angels are also known as Guardian Angels and you can talk to these Angels on a daily basis about everyday issues.

It has been my experience that Archangels and Angels have a ‘secret’ agreement to assist each other in the development of humanity. They actually work together to allow us the right to choose and explore the concept of free will. As humans, sooner or later we must choose whether we follow the light or the dark.

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