Simple Ways to Motivate and Inspire Daily

image of buddha looking happy in the light

“People often say that motivation doesn’t last. Well, neither does bathing – that’s why we recommend it daily.”  Zig Ziglar, Author and Speaker.

There are times in my life, sometimes often, sometimes not depending on my which project I’m working on, where I need some extra help with inspiration and motivation to keep going. Maybe you dream of being discovered and swept away from the life you’re living. Or thoughts are swirling around within your mind that somewhere else is the life you’d like to live?

Do you see others as living a more successful and exciting life than you?

If you want a new way of being, motivating and inspiring yourself daily is what I believe to be the first important step. You can inspire and motivate yourself every day in manageable ways. Some simple ways to motivate and inspire daily are listed below. These are examples that I use and find particularly useful.

  • Customise your computer screen saver and write something inspiring that you’d like to be reminded of, same with your mobile phone.
  • Have a motivational desk calendar where you can easily see and read it.
  • Subscribe to a motivational website that will email daily, weekly or fortnightly emails to inspire and motivate.  Research a few websites to find one that really speaks to you.
  • Hang up posters or postcards that motivate you each time you look at them.
  • Have a few fridge magnets that inspire you positioned at eye level.  That way each time you go into your fridge you’ll see them.
  • Live in the present moment, so much more can be achieved when you do.
  • Make special note of your daily achievements no matter how great or small.  They soon add up and when you reflect back on them, it has the potential to motivate and inspire you to achieve even more.
  • Smile more often.  Even if you’re not feeling particularly motivated you’ll at least make someone else’s day.
  • To lift and energise your spirit use more orange, light red, pink, and yellow colours more often.
  • When the going gets tough, make contact with a friend you trust and cherish who will motivate, inspire and support you.

Sometimes when the going gets tough, a little bit of inspiration and motivation through music, a passage in a book or by speaking to someone we love and admire, is just the thing needed to once again power ahead towards our desires.

Author: Psychic Michaela