Power Manifestation Secrets

image of woman meditating in the pink sundown

Many people were captivated by the message of ‘The Secret’ by author Rhonda Byrne. Well she now has a new book called ‘The Power’. Whilst The Secret and The Power (haven’t read it yet obviously) no doubt, carry good positive messages, I believe these books miss a main power manifestation secret.

It’s true to a point you are what you think, however thinking is just one energetic pathway and there are many pathways. Positive thinking in itself is not necessarily sufficient to change reality. It’s a slow and unsure method towards the life we want.

The truth is that feeling comes before thinking. We don’t in fact learn to think cognitively until we are around 18 months of age but we feel long beforehand, even in the womb before birth. Feeling is a secret ingredient to manifesting your reality.

So how do we get what we really want in life? We must operate on at least 4 levels, 4 different realities, 4 universes or whatever you want to call them:

The Realm of Spirit

Meditate your manifestation in a relaxed and deep level of consciousness.

The Intellectual Mind

Think positive thoughts whilst acknowledging the darkness -but don’t dwell on it. Don’t focus on dark thoughts, they do exist and have power so don’t amplify them by giving them a lot of your attention.

The Emotional Realm

There’s a lot of power here that is not often accessed to get what we want. Use your feelings and direct energy towards getting what you want. Follow your passion. If you want to help people because it makes you feel good, then focus those feelings of achievement and satisfaction into bringing more money into your life if that’s what you want. Or use those feelings to get more connections going with people so you can help them too.

The Physical World

Take physical action to achieve your dreams. We can dream up any number of lovely fantasy stories about how we want our lives to be, but taking the correct physical action towards those dreams is an absolutely necessary step of manifestation.

Before we incarnated onto planet Earth, we all set down a series of parameters for our lives. We did this so we would learn and grow into a higher vibration. We chose if we would be male or female, we chose which spirits we would deal with again (having unresolved spiritual baggage in previous lifetimes), and we broadly painted a picture of how our lives would be. As we evolve spiritually and work out our Karma, we gain more responsibility and more choices about those parameters we had previously put into play whilst in Spirit.

You will notice I said ‘broadly painted a picture’. This means that everyone has some choice as to what they do on a daily basis. The degree of choice is dependent upon how far we have resolved our Karma and enlightened the energetic field within all our bodies, including spiritual, mental, emotional and physical.

If I decide now I want to be a man, it’s basically too late as I have already decided in Spirit before I arrived, that I was going to be a woman. Even if I have a sex change (which isn’t likely!), will I be a real man or just a woman who’s had a sex change? I don’t have the feelings of a man and even if I could manufacture them, would that make me a man? No I’m not a man and at a very deep level I don’t want to be a man and I will never be a man in this lifetime.

Now for people who have had sex changes, and at the very core of their being it sits right with them, then that’s an appropriate step. They may have decided in Spirit to do that. What I’m saying is we lay down in Spirit a range of influences that will affect our lives and it’s up to us to evolve and take back the power of manifestation that is divinely ours.

You have the power of choice in manifesting how you want your life to be. So choose wisely and work towards your dreams in as many dimensions as you can. You can turn your dreams into reality, and work with the parameters you set down before you came to this planet.

Author: Rose Smith